Create Your Own Web Design Templates For Free


You can create your own web design templates in minutes, whether you need HTML templates, WordPress templates, Joomla templates or master page ? All you can do it in minutes using online tool named “Cool Template”, an online web template designer.

Cool Template is a online tool that lets you to create your own web design templates such as HTML templates, WordPress, Joomla etc. From assigning heading title, border colors, page navigation, links, cool drop shadows, glow effects and gradients and many more. You can do it yourself from choosing over 60 color schemes.

You can select the layout like one column, two column or three column layouts according to your needs and also customize the buttons, widgets on sidebars etc.

Once completed you can export to WordPress, Joomla, Master Pages or plain HTML templates. No softwares to install on your PC, everything on cloud. So enjoy creating your own web design templates.

No need of any programming languages like PHP, HTML, CSS etc. Just drag n drop feature, select the colors and export as templates. Everything should get over with in 10 minutes. So it is the best way to create a template.

Try out Cool Templates at and leave out your comments below.

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  1. vijay says:

    Creative ideas shared here,i have one query that will it look professional quality?…

  2. Hari says:

    Semma useful da. will try making a WP template.

  3. Technolic says:

    cool,gonna try this out :)

  4. Web design Warwickshire says:

    Its amazing………really interesting and creative……i like it dude!!!!!!!!


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