Create Pie Charts, Graphs, Bar Diagrams Online


Graphical representation are often used to help visualize something, when you need to display set of collected information, then diagrams, graphs and charts are the best one to display the information. What to do if you don’t know how to work on Microsoft Office to create charts, graphs, diagrams etc ? So, today we have ChartGizmo, an online tool to create chart from static data or collect information from the page dynamically.

It is always best to use online tools because you don’t have to install anything on your system, just complete the work on the cloud. ChartGizmo is a Free online service that allows you to create different kinds of charts such as Pie charts, Bar diagrams, Graphs, Line charts, Scatter plots, etc. You can edit the charts, embed it on your blog or website and also save the chart for future use.

Creating online charts with ChartGizmo is very simple, just signup a free account, create a chart, give the title, select the background colors, Assign the labels and their corresponding values, Click save and publish.

It supports the following diagram types such as Pie, Bar, Line, Ring, 3D Pie, 3D Bar, 3D Line, Candle, Scatterplot, TimeSeries. All the charts are customizable and you can also Import the data from Excel sheet. It also supports other languages.

You can embed it on your blog or website, save as image or even embed it as a Flash Chart presentation. Below is the live example which I tried using ChartGizmo, I have selected the Flash and embed it below :

You can try ChartGizmo at !

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  1. Post at Right time! i was searching for some thing online for charts and now i got it! thanks Sri for Sharing !

  2. Blinkky says:

    Useful and interesting tool. I’ve to take a look =)


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