Control, Manage and Optimize Windows Startup Programs


One major reason for slow loading of computer is having unwanted programs which runs at start up. Normally when installing applications, some apps take it ‘start when windows login’ as default option ie; these applications boot up together with Windows system and they cause problems for slow loading of computers when starting up.

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Some examples of applications which start up when system login such as MSN, Google Talk, Real Player, Adobe reader and these programs runs at the background without user’s knowledge, thus using up RAM and processing power in turn causing our computer to be sluggish, let your pc system slower and slower, waste memory and resources of your computer, why not disable it from your startups, run it just when you need, this will make your pc be significantly quicker than before.

Disable Startup is a free utility and monitoring program which monitors all the applications at start up and gives you an option to disable what are all the applications which you need during start up of Windows. It helps you control, manage and optimize Windows Startup configuration.

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You can stop all unwanted applications to load while computer boots up and also it is a little application which runs in the background withouth consuming much memory. It also monitor Internet Explorer start pages so that you can set websites and pages when starting Internet explorer.

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  1. BLOG404 says:

    Googleupdater.exe bugs me a lot . By the way , i also think that we have certain shortcut for windows to enable / disable startup programs .
    Checking out mentioned tools


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