26 Chrome Add-ons to Supercharge Chrome Performance


Google Chrome is the fastest browser around (after Opera). It has a lot of interesting features, but, without extensions Chrome is JUST a browser. In this post, I am going to talk about 10 Must-have Chrome Extensions. The following is a lethal combination of extensions and using them will surely make your internet browsing a better experience.

Google Dictionary

This is an Official extension for chrome made by Google. The Google Dictionary is very effective and has lucid meanings. Just select the word for which you need the meaning and press the Dictionary icon to see the meaning. This is not an Offline dictionary and requires an active internet connection to make use of.

Fastest Chrome – Browse Faster

This is the chrome version of the popular Fastest Fox Firefox add-on. It employs simple techniques and shortcuts to improve the speed in which you browse the web. This is a must-have extension.

Facebook Photo Zoom

This is my favorite extension. With this extension you don’t have to click on a Facebook Photo to view it in full size. All you need to do is hover over the desired picture for a full-sized preview. Sometime I feel that this extension should work on all sites rather than being restricted to Facebook alone.

Google Mail Checker

This is an extension that notifies you when you receive a new mail. There’s a Gmail icon installed with the extension near which the number of unread messages will be displayed. There is also a limited preview of the unread messages included.

Wikipedia Companion

This extension installs a mini Wiki icon on your chrome, when you click the wiki icon you will be shown the Wikipedia home page to search for the desired topic. This extension saves a lot of time if you just want a quick look up on Wikipedia.

Goo.gl URL Shortener

This is a URL Shortening extension and the best of its kind for chrome. It’s lite and does its job well. What’s more? Goo.gl’s URLs look more reliable to people due to Google’s name on it and I use it all the time.

IE Tab

Some websites are still not compatible with Chrome and they work only on IE/Firefox. To resolve this problem IE Tab was introduced. When you face a compatibility issue with a particular webpage you can simply click on the IE Tab icon to view the same page with Internet Explorer right in your chrome window. Note that this extension will work only on Windows, and you must have Internet Explorer 8 installed on your machine before you can use this extension.

Speed Dial

This add-on imitates the Speed Dial function of opera. Instead of bookmarking your favorite sites you can create a visual- Speed dial bookmark for easy access. I highly recommend you use this add-on.

Chrome SEO

This is the ultimate extension to manage all your SEO tasks at one place. I believe it will increase your productivity and will help you easily perform SEO tasks.

Smooth Gestures

This extension lets you assign mouse gestures as shortcuts for opening websites. It’s very convenient since you don’t have to touch the keyboard at all!

Ultimate Chrome Flag

This extension displays the flag of the country where the particular website being viewed is hosted on. When clicked on the flag you get more details like the Page Rank, Alexa Rank etc.

WOT (Web of Trust)

This is a security extension that displays the security status of the websites you visit. If a particular website is found to be indulging in phishing and other activities, this extension will try to prevent you from viewing the site unless you override the warning you will stay safe.

Native support for RSS feeds using RSS subscription extension for Google chrome – You can read RSS feeds inside Chrome browser like Firefox.

Tab Manager Extension for chrome lets you to use Tabs on chrome easily.

Useful 8 Google Chrome Extensions For Web Designers

Get Cricket scores on chrome using ESPN Cricinfo Extension.

Avoid Chrome Browser Crash using Session buddy extension for Google chrome.

Day Hiker lets you check Google calendar, schedule task and manager your Google calendar from the browser. No need to login to your calendar.

Get Cinema effect in YouTube – Turn off the lights – a useful extension for YouTube viewers.

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  1. sid shady says:

    dude !!… tis s kewll!! … bt smooth gestures sucks ! … instead of doin tat v cud beta use a simple clik

  2. eL Abee says:

    Great list, i will try each of them

  3. Robin says:

    More plugins or addons, the more performance get hit. Nice list though. Cheers.

  4. Nice one Gouthaman for me one essential is Xmarks which let me organize my Passwords…
    Also at this moment I’m using followin addons:
    Stumble upon
    Session manager
    Wisestamp (Nor imp, after Gmail new fetature)
    Measure it
    Tweetmeme button

  5. Good list. Here are the one’s I use,

    Web Developer
    Ly Shortener
    Chrome SEO
    IE Tab
    Awesome Screenshot
    Evernote &
    Resolution Test

    I do most of the web work in Chrome, but for designing with Firebug only in FF :)

  6. Nice list ..I was looking for some cool chrome addons, then I found your site …thanks for sharing this :)

  7. Fantastic list…this list would definitely help a lot.it makes job of a web master a lot easier…thanks for sharing this


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