BlackBerry Tweet Media Player Tweets Automatically The Song You Listen


BlackBerry Tweet Media Player is a blackberry application that lets you to post #nowplaying tweets to Twitter while you listen to your music. #nowplaying is a hashtag which most of the twitter users use when they listen to the songs. So, if you’re blackberry user, this tiny application reads all your MP3 files and sends a tweet automatically when you listen to the songs.

Everybody loves to share the music which they’re listening, but unfortunately none of the official media players support this feature like posting a tweet to the music which is currently playing on the track. Every time you need to manually update your twitter with the #nowplaying hashtag.

BB Tweet Media Player is a tiny app for your blackberry devices that posts a tweet when you’re listening to the music. It automatically tweets when you change the song on your Tweet media player.

You can download the BB Tweet Media Player @ bbtweetmedia

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  1. hey i have this and find really nice when automatically it tweets what we are listening and others tweet me back at that moment.
    a nice application

  2. timmy says:

    I have a problem with this app, all songs are Unknown by Unknown. Help plss

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