7 Must Try Features at Gmail Labs


If you’ve been using Gmail, you might have noticed a tab under settings called ‘labs’. It contains a lot of feature additions (proposed to be added to Gmail) that are still in the experimental stage. In this post, I am going to outline some of the best of the features you can find on Labs (Gmail).

You might want to visit the Labs (Gmail) page. Gmail Labs

Create a document

Enabling this tweak allows you to create a new document directly from the email interface. It eliminates the need to separately visit Google Docs thus making you more productive. This tweak is a must-implement if you are using Google Docs as your primary productivity suite program.

Flickr Previews in mail

This tweak shows a preview of pictures on Flickr if the link is included in the mail. There’s also another tweak called ‘Picasa Previews in mail’ which shows previews on images on Picasa.

Green Robot

This cool tweak replaces the green dot from Google talk status to a green android logo if the particular person in online with his Android. Cool, isn’t it?

Message Sneak Peek

This tweak is just like the Facebook Photo Zoom extension on Chrome. It shows the preview of the mail when you hover the pointer over the sender’s name in the inbox. This saves a lot of time since you don’t have to literally open every mail you receive.

Undo Send

If you’ve accidentally hit the send button before you complete writing the mail you can undo it from being sent within a few seconds by using this tweak.

Message Translation

This tweak prompts you whether you want a message that was in a foreign language to be translated using Google Translate. It eliminates the need to visit the translate site.

Google Maps Previews in mail

This tweak shows you a Google Maps preview of all addresses found in a mail.

I’ll have to warn you that some of these features might be wonky because they are still in their beta stage. If you’ve got some trouble loading your inbox you can always type https://mail.google.com/mail/?labs=0 in the address bar to load Gmail without the lab features you’ve enabled.

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  1. blinkky says:

    I’ve tried some of it =)

  2. I’m using all of them.. Message Speak Peak & Undo Send are the coolest of the them all!

  3. Marlene says:

    These are good features. This way, you have to just select what you want to show up, and it sounds easy to perform too.

  4. Pari Ramalingam says:

    Good to know about these new features. Thanks Gautham.

  5. not aware of these features…. thanks for sharing…..

  6. Good post. Would like to add a few more to the list :


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