5 Ways To Use Internet For Job Hunt


Searching for a job has never been easier online, with the popularity of social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter you might land into a new job the very next week. In this post, I am outlining some of the ways in which you can conduct your job hunting spree online. Many complain that finding jobs online isn’t easy but, the problem is they aren’t using the resources available fully.

Before you start searching for a job make sure that you have a proper resumé. You should also have an email address with a serious ID, instead of ones with comic names which hides your professionalism. If possible create a WordPress blog with just a static page describing you and containing your resumé. It might impress the interviewer.

Top 5 Online Websites to Setup Complete Resume in No Time

1. Traditional Job Sites

Make sure you sign up with the Traditional Job sites. For your convenience links to some famous job sites are given below.

Make sure that the information you provide in these sites are true and accurate. If your Mobile number is asked for, give it to them as they will be sending you instant job alerts

2. LinkedIn

Many of us haven’t used LinkedIn to its full potential, the features on LinkedIn if properly used will easily fetch you a lot of professional contacts thereby helping you secure a job.

Here’s a tutorial of using LinkedIn to secure a job which I stumbled upon when surfing.

3. Be on Facebook

There wasn’t any mistake, you read it right! Being in Facebook might give you a chance of getting a job. Facebook adverts are usually targeted ones and if you are unemployed some appropriate ads might flash on your screen which could be your key to ‘Job’ Dom. Moreover, Facebook India is now hiring a lot of people which means you could be a part of Facebook since they are using Facebook to promote their Job requirements online. (Though the chances of getting a job are less this way, it certainly can help you if you are lucky).

4. Use Email!

If you have already been in a job you must be having a fair share of contacts in your address book. Mail them all saying that you are available for hiring; also ask them whether it’s possible for them to recommend you, it just might work out.

5. Use Twitter

Twitter can also help you get a job if used right. Do not forget to follow @jobs_in_india, @indiajobsites for a continuous twitter feed of top jobs in the country. You can also follow @simplyfreshers, @punjabjobs, @Jobs_in_Mumbai based on your requirements.

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  1. Gouthaman Karunakaran, Thanks. all known tips :(

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    you can also add up the freelancing job sites. you can check that out here http://bit.ly/asgbIP

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    Good idea to get a job =)

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    I like indeed job alert for their professional service…

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    Very useful and informative.

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    Wow, Simply just wished to say I genuinely respect your work on this Techno-blogging site and the top quality articles you make. These type of post are usually precisely what keeps me personally going through the day. I found this post right after a good companion of mine suggested it to me. I perform a little blogging personally and I am always pleased to observe others adding quality information to the online community. I will absolutely be following and also have bookmarked your web blog to my facebook account for others to view.



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