5 Reasons to use TweetDeck


We have discussed about various Twitter clients at MadrasGeek and I should say TweetDeck wins hands down over any Twitter program I have ever used. In this post, I am going to explain 5 interesting features in TweetDeckwhich made me use it as my default Twitter client.

1. Automatic URL Shortening

This is one feature you cannot find in most of the clients out there. If you are using the web interface you might either have to visit a URL shortening site like bit.ly to get a shorter URL or have a browser extension, but, TweetDeck automatically shortens your URL after you paste it into the entry field. TweetDeck not only supports bit.ly, it has over half-a-dozen URL shortening services from which you can choose.

2. Tweet Shrink

I always refrain from using SMS lingo in my texts and on Twitter, but, inevitably I will have to use some bad English to communicate with Twitter. TweetDeck’s Tweet Shrink feature automatically shortens the tweet with SMS lingo thereby helping you to communicate long messages seamlessly. There is also an option to translate tweets.

3. Uploading Pictures

Uploading pictures to TwitPic has never been easier. All you need to do is drag the image file to the editing field and TweetDeck will take care of the rest. You also have the option to use a different Image hosting service.

4. Profile Previews

Viewing others profiles have never been easier, thanks to TweetDeck. The only other client with an easy profile preview is Seesmic. TweetDeck also enables you to easily follow new users; you can also add the new people you are following to groups at just a click.

5. Global Filter

Got a boring friend whom you can’t unfollow? Global Filter is all you need. You can easily filer the tweets of a particular person from your timeline. You can also filter tweets having keywords you wish not to hear or tweets from a particular Twitter client (like from Facebook or Foursquare).

You might think that these functionalities are also available on the web interface or other Twitter clients; I am pointing these out because they are easily reachable on TweetDeck than others. TweetDeck also supports other Social networks like Facebook, Buzz, etc, but, Twitter works best in it.

Impressed? Try TweetDeck. (Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android)

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  1. vijay says:

    Another one killer article from Madrasgeek, i really like,Thanks Gowthaman…

  2. Tweetdeck is certainly one of the best Free Twitter app I have come across in the latest updated version of Tweetdeck they also have a feature to Schedule your Tweet which is also very useful…

  3. Karthik says:

    Amazing article. Hats off to Gowthaman.

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