5 Reasons To Stop Using IE6


Internet Explorer 6, the default browser shipped with Windows XP Professional has been rated as one of the worst tech products of all-time. The usage of IE 6 still hasn’t dropped mainly due to people’s growing dependence over Windows XP. In this post, I am going to give you 5 reasons to stop using Internet Explorer 6. Please remember that I am not against Internet Explorer itself, I just urge you all to stop using IE6 and pave way for the growth of web standards. (BTW, When IE 6 was out I was just a 9 year old kid)

Lack Of Support

IE 6 does not support most of the modern stuff in web-designing. It doesn’t support significant aspects like PNG Transparency, CSS Float, etc. Web developers have a hard time making websites compatible with this ancient browser and if you are still using it you are only suppressing the growth of the Web. Moreover, if you are regular user of IE 6, you might not even be aware of the new Google Search Page since IE 6 supports only the old Google.

Security Issues

IE 6 has been the target of the Internet Bad guys over a decade and they must be thorough about the tricks of Hacking computers where IE 6 is the primary browser. Did you know that IE 6 can be made to crash by just including the following code in a webpage?


No Tabs

I just discovered that my own father had been using IE 6 at his workplace and he wasn’t aware of tabbed browsing. Tabs offer more comfort and saves up a lot of memory if you use browsers like Chrome or Firefox, The funny thing is in IE 8, tabs are considered as separate windows by the browser, and same is with Safari. So, IE 8 and Safari though used with tabs do not save memory usage.

Reasons why IE Sucks!

IE 8 and other popular Browsers are free

Here is another reason for you to Stop using IE 6, Internet Explorer 8 is absolutely free of cost and has the compatibility mode which delivers older webpages that are designed to run on IE 6. If you are looking for a better browser Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera are free too.

It’s SLOW!

It’s the slowest browser I have come across. I recently re-installed XP on my VMware and looked at IE 6 after a long time, being a full time chrome user I just couldn’t compare its speed with that of Chrome.

IE 6 was released three months before the first iPod, two years before MySpace started and three years before Facebook was launched. It might have been great when launched, but not in today’s scenario. To Find out the version of IE you are currently using go Visit WhatBrowser’s Website. If you are looking to upgrade, please have a look at the following popular Options.

Download Internet Explorer 8 | Google Chrome 5 | Firefox 3

If you have decided to follow this cause seriously, I recommend you visit BringDownIE6.

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  1. vijay says:

    I like firefox for its multiple tab function…

  2. Technolic says:

    Its been almost 2 yrs i left using IE6,it sucks

  3. Super & true points. Loved it!

    I used to use FF for a long time, now using chrome & for web developments shifting to FF :P

  4. Pari Ramalingam says:

    Good. You have brought out all the deficiencies of IE6.

  5. Robin says:

    No doubt, IE sucks :) i love my firefox and never use IE. using IE for surfing is a nightmare.

    it really tests your patience.

  6. Harsh says:

    Ya, I agree that it sux big time. But IE7 is fine.


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