5 Must DO’s on a New Computer


Buying a new PC is a good thing and we all get excited about it, the first few days with the PC goes with bragging about it to friends, etc., but, I feel that newer PC’s need that extra care! In this post, I am going to mention quite a few Must-Install Software on a New PC, I am also going to mention about the precautionary measures you will need to take as soon as you start your computer for the first time.

1. Remove Crapware!

Most of the branded computers come with a lot of unwanted toolbars, messengers, trial programs, etc. If you don’t need them – Remove them! (I don’t think anybody will require them)

Go to Control Panel -> Uninstall a Program and go through the list and remove the appropriate programs.

2. Install Software

The computer manufacturer won’t forget crapware, but, it’s most likely that important programs like a PDF reader/Document reader are not installed. So, you will have to take do this by yourself.

Here are 11 software which I think MUST be installed & used on every windows PC

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3. Customize

You might be accustomed to a particular style of computing and a new computer with default settings might irritate you, if you want to move the settings and files from your old computer, try Windows Easy Transfer. (You will need to download and Install Windows Easy Transfer if your old computer ran XP, Easy transfer is built-in for Vista and Windows 7 only).

4. Test Everything

Some computers get repaired when they are shipped from one place to another, some parts of the computer might not work in this case, I recommend you test everything that comes with the PC – Speakers,  DVD drive, USB ports (Both front and behind), Buttons on the Keyboard etc. Doing this will help you detect issues with the computer and you can get the faulty components replaced from the trader.

5. Re-Use

You might still have you old computer lying around. If you are not going to use it, consider moving your old DVD drive, NIC card, Card Reader etc. to the new one, having more than one of these components can be very comfortable at times.

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  1. chankey says:

    Nice post…
    Some computers don’t come with inbuilt softwares so also include
    How to install sound card driver, graphic driver etc?


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