5 Essentials That Must Find Place in a Blogger’s Toolkit


Blogging is an art that is much more than writing – you’re not just pouring your thoughts on a platform in virtual space, you’re talking to your readers, you’re sharing emotions, information and insights with them, and most important of all, you’re creating a visual medium that appeals to all their senses and makes them want to come back time and again. If you own a blog, you probably know that if you want to make a success of it (by success I mean a large number of visitors and many thousands of hits from all over the web), you need to find a balance between catering to your creative needs and pandering to the moods of your audience.

There are various tools that help you do this – in fact, some of them are absolute essentials if you wish to sustain your innings as a blogger:

Text Editor:

This is a must-have for any writer – the blogging platform does allow you to type your article directly, but a good text editor does more than just let you type – it checks spelling and grammar and also allows you to save a copy of your work before you put it online.

FTP Program:

You may have started out with the basic blogging software, but as you become more adept at this art, you will need an FTP program to access the files that you need to edit or change. There are many free programs to choose from, so find one that works on most operating systems if you’re not glued to one computer all the time.

Image Editor:

Just like a book, a blog is more appealing when it’s peppered with pictures that relate to your posts. So invest in a decent image editor, one that allows you to reduce the size of your photos so that they don’t take too much time and bandwidth too load, or just because they look better cropped and scaled.

RSS Reader:

If you want your blog to gain popularity, you must take an interest in the blogs around you – that’s the unwritten yet whispered law of the blogosphere. And unless you invest in an RSS reader (most of which are free), you’re never going to be able to keep up with all the buzz that’s being generated in your niche and others. When you have convenient access to blog updates, it’s easy to leave comments and follow what’s being said by your fellow bloggers. So get yourself an RSS reader and stay on top of all that’s happening.

Stats Utility:

This tool helps you keep count of your visitors and also track where (which part of the world) they’re viewing your page from. This allows you to boost your readership by writing articles that will go down well your audience.
Blogging is all about interacting with a community of readers who follow you on the web, and if your blog is easy on the eye, rich in content, and updated regularly, you won’t have any trouble keeping up your readership.

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  1. Nice post Sri. Here is my contribution:
    Text Editor: Windows live writer
    Free FTP: FileZilla
    Image Editor: Snagit (it’s premium)
    Feed reader: Feed demon

  2. Harsh says:

    Nice list man!

  3. sandipan says:

    Very interesting read. Thanks for the share.

  4. the things you mentioned are really good and the tips you shared are really useful for a blogger and the must, i totally agree with you

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