4 Websites that are Worth Your Time


Most of us head to either Facebook or Twitter when we go online. In this post, I am going to mention about 4 websites that will make the time you spend online meaningful and fun.


This website is a parody of Wikipedia. It parodies most of the articles found there with funny lines that will make you say ‘LMAO’! The logo of this website by itself is a parody of the Wikipedia logo – It’ designed on a Potato whereas Wikipedia’s logo is made of a globe. Here is a small quote from the article titled Microsoft,

‘Microsoft was founded in 1 BCE (within the release of Windows BC) by a couple of nerdy (really nerdy) Greek gods who couldn’t. In 1974, Bill Gates became the emperor of after his splendid initiation ceremony. Since 1995, Microsoft has re-released Windows BC under newer and fancier names on prime years.’

– Uncyclopedia

Some of the pictures in the site are really funny – here is a picture from the same article,


This website needs no introduction. It has been on the news extensively for its service towards publishing the leaks of government documents which violates ethics. This site makes sure that citizens get all the information and works continuously towards achieving that goal. I am sure you should bookmark this site.


This is an amazing website that is bound to help you out of day-to-day situations. The tagline of this site is “The World’s collaborative how-to manual”. Their iPhone app is amazing and it helps you wherever you are. I recently read their article on securing Home networks and loved it. You can also contribute to this site.

Yahoo! Answers

This is a very popular website and many of you might already know about it. Whenever I have something to search which is not very searchable on google (like a personal suggestion, or counsel) I head to Yahoo! Answers. The answerers in the community are very helpful and knowledgeable. You will lose 10 points for every question and will gain 2 points for every answer. If you choose a best answer for your question you will gain additional points. There are level privileges for users. If you are at  a higher level you can enjoy additional functionality on Answers.

Know of a website that is equally worth your time? The comment section below is yours.

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  1. vijay says:

    I am familiar with Yahoo! answers community,As you said that this is one of the worthwhile site,I gained more traffic for my blog from yahoo answers.Other sites let me check it…

  2. venicerajan says:

    My choice always from google .everything i used to search and got solved n my problem.There is no doubt “Google” search engine.Most at all i was using “Orkut” .There is huge community providing sub link

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