3 Useful Add-ons for Internet Explorer


Chrome and Firefox have built an amazing user base in such a short time with add-ons that expand their capabilities twofold. Microsoft has realized that add-ons are the need of the hour and has created an Add-on gallery for Internet Explorer 8. The Add-ons are neatly categorized (unlike chrome’s gallery) and it’s pretty easy to find what you are looking for. In this post I am going to mentions 3 Add-ons for IE from this gallery that is worth using.

Please remember that you must have IE 8 installed before you can use these Add-ons. They are NOT compatible with IE 6 or IE 7.

I seriously doubt whether anyone who has enough geekery to Install a browser add-on will use IE in the first place, but do read on.

Facebook Web Slice

This is a Web Slice add-on that runs from the favorites bar, you can update you status on Facebook, check out notifications, pictures of your friends, etc. It’s very useful if you are looking to curb Facebook obsession. You can prevent a lot of Visits to Facebook with this Add-on.

WOT for Internet Explorer

WOT (Web of Trust) for IE is very much similar to McAfee’s Site Advisor (and a lot better). It notifies you if you are visiting a site with a bad reputation. This Add-on is quite popular and it existed even before the Add-on Gallery was established. For Firefox and Chrome users, we have discussed this addon earlier in detail, check WOT for Chrome /Firefox

Cloud Berry Tweet IE

This is a twitter Add-on for IE. It takes a long time to install though it’s only 2 MB and I had to go through UAC prompts before I got it to work. It is more of an accelerator than a full-time Twitter client.

The Add-ons were neatly organized although I felt that there should be a dedicated security category (esp. when the site is for an insecure browser such as IE). I’ll have to tell you that it’s a really tough job to find useful Add-ons for IE. Most of the ones included in the gallery are either shortcut links or Toolbars (commercialized) or just plain accelerators. IE still has a long way to go before it can boast about its collection of Add-ons.

Visit the Internet Explorer Add-ons Gallery

BOTTOM LINE: Install these Add-ons only if you are compelled to use IE in your workplace.

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  1. Kyler_IE_Outreach says:

    Hey thanks for the great post! These add-ons are awesome, and hopefully will encourage users of IE 6 & 7 to upgrade to IE8.

    IE Outreach Team


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