3 Social Sharing, Bookmarking Extensions for Chrome


I personally always suggest people, Sharing is caring. If you share the useful knowledge or informative things with people around you, the more knowledge you will gain than what you had before. Where do you people engage more ? Obviosuly social networking sites. So sharing your knowledge with people on social networking sites have become famous. You engage with lot of people on twitter, Facebook etc. So sharing webpages or interesting links on these sites will make you more interactive and create a discussion.

We have been discussing more chrome extensions past few days, you can catch up all that in Google chrome category. The easiest way to share a webpage on social networking sites is to use social sharing extensions for browsers. Today we have 3 social sharing extensions for Google chrome that lets you to share a webpage with 100+ social networking services right from chrome browser.

Shareaholic for Google Chrome :

Sometimes when you read a post, the page doesn’t have social sharing icons to share the beautiful post with your social networking friends, but the post will be tempting you to share with friends, at these situations, shareholic extensions will be very helpful. It lets you to share the article with 100+ social services like twitter, facebook, digg etc.

AddThis for Google Chrome :

AddThis social bookmark service is the number 1 around the web and it supports 200+ social services like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Posterous, Instapaper etc.

AddToAny Share, Bookmark for Google Chrome :

AddToAny makes it easier and faster to share links to anyone anywhere using Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, email, and hundreds more social media sharing and bookmarking services.

If you have any found any useful social sharing extension for Chrome or Firefox, Share it with us.

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