2 Ways to Share URL on Twitter


Recently, Twitter has launched their official twitter buttons which installed in blog or websites makes easy to share it on twitter, adding to it they have also introduced official twitter bookmarklet where people can use this bookmarklet from their browsers bookmarks bar to share any links on twitter quickly. So today we are going to check out 2 easy ways to share any URL on twitter.

If you’re viewing a webpage and the page seems to be interesting and you want to share it with your twitter friends and unfortunately the page doesn’t provide any social buttons to share, then what will you do ? On these situations, twitter bookmarklet or share button on your browser will be very helpful. If you’re a chrome lover like me, then here we go !

Twitter Share This Page chrome extension lets you to share any URL on twitter instantly. It adds new “twitter share” button to the address bar. Click the button to open Twitter status update web page with pre-filled status that includes the page title and link to the page, shortened with bit.ly if needed.

The second easy way to share links on twitter using their Official Twitter Bookmarklet, just drag and drop the bookmarklet into your browsers bookmarks bar. Once it is done, when ever you feel sharing a link, just click on the bookmarklet and share it on twitter. It automatically shortens URL.

Go to the bookmarklet page, you can see the ‘Share on Twitter’ button, Click the button and Drag it and drop into your bookmarks bar. So if you have anyother quick way to share links on twitter, do share it with us.

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