HowTo Use Indian Rupee Symbol On PC ?


The official symbol for Indian Rupee (INR) was announced this month, and it’s something we Indians should feel proud about. In this post, I am going to guide you about using the Rupee symbol on your computer.

To use the Indian Rupee Font, you will need to complete the following steps.

You need a Font called Rupee Foradian, Download Rupee Foradian Font.

Copy it to /Windows/Fonts (Copy the font from your downloads folder and paste it in your Windows/Fonts folder)

Now, head to an application such as Word and choose the Rupee Foradian Regular font

Hit the button which is present above tab button (the previous button to the number key 1, usually called as tilde symbol button), you must be able to see the Rupee symbol, this doesn’t work if you use any other font.

To make it work on all the fonts, go to Insert -> Symbols -> More Symbols -> AutoCorrect -> and replace the symbol that appears to the Rupee font

After ‘Auto Correcting’, you should be able to see the Rupee symbol with any font.

If you can’t figure out replacing the symbol on word, Watch this Video below

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  1. Kanuj Makkar says:

    Seriously excellent man. Beauty lies in simplicity. perfect example of that

  2. TechGopal says:

    really g8 info……..
    i will definitely add this to my pc……..

  3. Rupak says:
    u can download it..
    IndusRupee : Rupee Symbol Font for Computer & Mobile Phone, Created.

  4. john says:

    During my search i got a good tutorial also its works without using javascript

  5. Rahul says:

    thank u 2 teel me the process


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