Track Exact Time Spent on Each Website


Are you an internet addict, want to know how much time you spend on browsing ? Then here is an TimeTracker extension for Firefox that lets you to keep track of how much you browse with Firefox. It doesn’t simply start counting once you open your Firefox browser, it has many options to tweak.

TimeTracker is an simple extension that lets you to know how much time you surf on the internet using Firefox browser. Once you tweak, it gives you the exact time spend working and surfing seperately.

Suppose, If you keep your Firefox browser idle and working on someother application, the Timetracker doesn’t count, it stops the timer. and also you can list your working sites, so that when you work on those sites, it doesn’t count in.

All together, you can track how much time you have spent on websites through Firefox browser.

TimeTracker for Firefox – Download

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  1. Riyaz says:

    Thats interesting firefox extension. Off to download :)

  2. Flithost says:

    Great plugin :)


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