TeamViewer : Alternative to Windows Remote Assistance


If you work as a help desk executive/system Admin, this post is a MUST read. Team Viewer is an internet based Remote assistance software that easily allows you to connect to your client’s PC. It also has additional features like File Sharing, etc. Team Viewer works even if your computer has a firewall or a NAT proxy.

The Presentation access has a LOT of features including VoIP

To have access to another computer, you will need to know the dynamic ID and the Password of Team Viewer installed on the computer you wish to access. The ID and the password can also be set to be static, but, I won’t recommend it.

The Remote Interface (the client here runs Windows 2000 professional) The Speed of access is pretty decent, considering the Internet connectivity we get in Madras. Themes are disabled on the client’s computer to save bandwidth. Team Viewer also allows VPN, VoIP, Video Chatting over Remote Access, etc.

The Remote Interface

VPN is a pretty cool feature but it requires the tedious installation of a Team Viewer adapter. File transfer mode offers speeds upto 45KBps on my 512kbps connection which is pretty decent and better than torrents/Rapid share.

The Interface

Team Viewer also has an iPhone app that allows you to remotely access your computer from your mobile phone. Team Viewer’s paid version offers a lot more features. I haven’t got a lot to tell about this software. I am sure you will become obsessed with it just like me once you get it installed on your computer.


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  1. prajeesh says:

    Nice post gouthaman,

    I am also using this team viewer. pretty good software. simple in size and usage.

  2. lenney says:

    I prefer Techinline ( I’ve integrated it entirely into my website and eliminated any mention of a 3rd party product upon my customers requesting support. It’s entirely browser-based and is very simple to walk someone through the connection process

  3. vijay says:

    Officially we are using Team viewer over the years,It will be very helpful for me.Thanks for a nice share…

  4. Maria says:

    Dear Gouthaman,
    Thank you very much for this kind post about TeamViewer. We are glad to get so much positive feedback on our software!
    If you are looking for the latest information about TeamViewer, please follow us on twitter or subscribe to our news feed:
    In case you have any other questions, feel free to contact us directly.
    Maria – TeamViewer Germany

  5. We considered TeamViewer Pro for $750, but we found that RHUB’s TurboMeeting to be a better alternative. TeamViewer limited you to one workstation concurrently, RHUB didn’t. TeamViewer only allowed three concurrent sessions at a time, RHUB allowed nearly unlimited. If you have a couple of support people, I think RHUB’s solution will be a better, less expensive alternative.


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