Smart UAC for Windows XP


UAC (aka) User account control is often blamed for its ability to irritate users. Microsoft tried too hard with Vista and failed, however, a correct dose of UAC prompts will make your windows machine, safer than ever before.

Smart UAC is an intelligent tool that works with Windows XP/Vista to show UAC prompts that are sensible unlike, the ones that come with Windows Vista. This software shows up a lot of prompts at first but includes a ‘check box’ so that we can eliminate certain prompts for trusted software and services forever.

Checking the 'never warn about this software again' reduces UAC alerts and lives up to its name 'Smart UAC'.

Installation is pretty simple; you will have to reboot your computer in order to enable Smart UAC.

The interface of Smart UAC is simple too. It includes 4 functional tabs namely, status – to display current status of Smart UAC, Online Updates – To check for periodic updates to make Smart UAC even smarter, Allow List – To always allow certain software, Deny List – To always block certain software from running.

Smart UAC also has the automatic Anti Malware scanning utility; it scans every running program for viruses/Trojans and kills them if infected. The security definitions are regularly updated through the internet.

Smart UAC, after being used for a couple of days significantly reduces UAC alerts. Most of us click continue even without reading what the UAC has to say and we are with viruses again, I believe Smart UAC will really make us safer. The best thing about Smart UAC is that it can include the UAC functionality to Windows XP users and can make the Vista UAC a lot better. Windows 7 users won’t need this since 7’s native UAC is already brilliant.

Check out this video for more details

Smart UAC for Vista/XP

P.S. The first few days with Smart UAC will be a bit irritating since it has to learn which software is safe and which isn’t, once you say never warn again for frequently used/trusted programs you will notice a decrease in the warnings.

Download Smart UAC for Windows XP/Vista

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  1. VijAY says:

    Nice One..! I would recommend, you have a look through this small 5 mins video which explains on the UAC phenomenon.

    Hope its useful for your readers as well.

    Vijay | MS-MVP


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