On Blogging Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart !


All of us work hard in life, there is no doubt in it. We work very hard so that we get better results. When you see the title it says ” Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart ! “. Don’t take me wrong, working hard is very much important and am a firm believer on hard work. Definitely only hard work can make a person successful.

But, when you consider blogging, you have to start working smart too ! To get the maximum result for your time spend and efforts, you should work smart too. Working hard gives you results, but when you work smart too, it will give your top results. Here I wil some of ideas to work smart. You can apply them anywhere and not only blogging.

10 Stages of Development in Blogger’s Life : From Amateur To Entrepreneur

Have a Clear Focus on Your Goal

Once your Goal is clear, Choose the correct path.

Take the least effort to achieve the maximum results.

Don’t waste time writing stuff that doesn’t make an impact

Write on one’s that brings high impact, so that it will be easy to climb up.

Keep your environment, so that it motivates you all the time.

Do you know the outcome when you’re motivated ? Your results are burst out.

Learn from smart people. Never stop learning from others.

Throw the mind set that you’re Perfect !

If you succeed once, then stick with that success formula.

Use applications to get the job done better.

Increase your productivity by automating task.

Show your smartness in your area of expertise.

Don’t mess up things when they really solve by themselves. WAIT !

Don’t restrict yourself with in certain rules.

Turn back and review your past week and note down the improvement.

Finally, Stop working when you’re tired.

Hope you will also add some more tips to work smart.

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  1. Rajendra says:

    I(a new blogger,started just 5 months ago ) learned a lot from this article..and I expect some more interesting post related to blogging.One more Question-,after how much time you got Google Page Rank? I am getting zero from last 5 months.

  2. vijay says:

    In my point of view all these smart works complete by Daily schedule & Time management,Thanks for a wonderful share…

  3. Gagan says:

    The title says it all. Smart working yields to success.

  4. Arun Kumar says:

    Learn from smart people. Never stop learning from others.
    perfect point i learn from u for start blogging

    great article bro

  5. ajeet says:

    You are right smart working is important in blogging..

  6. Shiva | Web Magazine says:

    Great tips bro, you are right Blogging does not need hard work but smart work. I think most of the successful bloggers out there are successful because they are smart and blog smartly

  7. sid shady says:

    im learning reading ur blogs !! :) …… nice work duuude

  8. George says:

    nice tips…needs to follow atleast 10 of these useful tips…

  9. Siddharth says:

    Absolutely.. Great things to follow to be a successful blogger :)
    Thanks for the share dude..


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