Measure Distances Between Places on Google Maps


With Google labs feature, we can measure distance between points on Google maps. Earlier in time we saw how to save Google maps for offline use, now you can calculate distance between two places and then save the map for your offline reference.

Google maps has added a very interesting feature named Distance Measurement Tool. Currently this feature is included Labs card so you need to activate it to start using. With this tool you can easily find the resistance between the points or the total distance between points.

Now lets see how to activate the labs feature and measure the distance between two points.

1. Go to Google maps

2. Now select the New labs feature and Enable Distance measurement tool.

3. Click the icon next measure in the lower left corner of Google Maps.

4. Select the unit of measurement is metric or the English system of measurement.

5. Simply use your mouse to point to locations on the map as a starting point and end point selection

If you select the english measurement too, ” Im feeling geeky ” option will allow you to calculate many different units of measurement.

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  1. vijay says:

    This is a example for our generation is going to next level…

  2. niks says:

    this is a very interesting feature. Would be of great help as we come to know distance between 2 locations with just few clicks.

  3. cna training says:

    nice post. thanks.


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