Keep Video as Profile Picture on Twitter and Facebook


Profile pictures are of main attraction on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. When you turn the Profile picture into a video, it adds more life to it where people will be able to see you move and hear you talking, and get a better feeling of who you are and what you’re like.. Now how could it be possible to change your profile picture into playable videos ?

Vanityvid is a Free service that turns your profile pic into a video on Facebook, Twitter and more. It helps to brand yourself more effectively. It increases the interaction and engagement of your blog, makes it more social and cool.

You can upload the video using a webcam or upload from your computer and it will be created in minutes. The maximum length of the vanityvid is 17 seconds. Vanityvid will be displayed on every site such as Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress blogs comments. To view on these sites, you need a Firefox/Chrome/Internet explorer addons to be installed.

To show vanityvid on your twitter profile, connect your twitter account, so that it will show profile video instead of picture on website.

Vanityvid has partnered up with certain websites, Till now they haven’t partnered up with Facebook so only you need a Add-on to display video as profile picture.

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  1. hmm..but by this we will be able to see the vids come others would be able to see this ? Or people with the same addon will be able to view it ?

  2. vijay says:

    This is very good method to expose video about our service,But i think the add on limits its service among uers…

  3. Arpan Kar says:

    Must try tis out for my FB DP..ty srivatsan

  4. Akshay says:

    really a nice post
    liked it :) :)

  5. Colley1962 says:

    I have seen Twitter avatars that move like a video. Is there a program that I can use which would enable the “video avatar” to be visible to me AND others who view it? Hopefully FREE.

  6. Doug says:

    Seriously? I did not know you could put a video as a profile pic on Facebook. How do you do that?


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