Having Trouble with Your Internet Connection? Try OpenDNS


I am a user of BSNL Broadband (Internet service provider in India) and I have lately been facing a plethora of connectivity issues and incoherent page rendering. Last week, the problem worsened. I wasn’t even getting connected to the internet. Calls to my ISP didn’t work either. I was cursing BSNL all day long when I was suggested by my friend to try OpenDNS and voila! My Internet is working perfectly than ever before.

After speaking to a couple of BSNL executives, I found out that they are having some problem with their DNS servers right now and they advised me to be patient for a couple of days. I took my friend’s advice and used Open DNS and the rest is history.

OpenDNS has a couple of Public DNS servers that can be accessed by any user having an Internet Connection. It’s aimed at making Internet Faster, Safer and Smarter. Like I have mentioned before OpenDNS definitely makes your internet experience faster. It makes your computer safer by blocking Phishing sites and sites that install software without your consent. It makes the web smarter for you by offering many time saving utilities. (I’ll explain more on this later)

Let’s get started! (I recommend you use OpenDNS even if you don’t have issues with your ISP’s DNS) Change your computer’s Primary and Alternative DNS Servers to the ones shown in the picture below. (i.e. and for Preferred and Alternate respectively)

After you do this, save changes and restart your computer. You should be able to experience a huge change in your Internet connectivity. OpenDNS is often criticized for redirecting users to certain sites due to commercial purposes. If you want to be out of this, I recommend you use Chrome with the AdBlock extension. After you get your computer working properly, go to OpenDNS.com and sign up for an account. You are provided with a small software called OpenDNS Updater that takes care of the syncing job if you use OpenDNS on more than one computer. I previously mentioned that it makes the web smarter. Yes. Check out the following feature that works only if you use OpenDNS.

The Picture shows the ‘Shortcut’ feature that helps you open websites by just typing a single word. OpenDNS also redirects you to the correct page if you slighly misspell a web address.

Google’s Public DNS is an alternative to OpenDNS. (Google’s DNS can be configured with for Preferred DNS and for Alternative DNS)

DNS Advantage is another alternative that’s equally good. (DNS Advantage can be configured with and for Preferred and Alternative respectively)

P.S. – If you don’t know how to configure a DNS server info on your computer click here (Microsoft Support)

Bottomline: OpenDNS is awesome if you are looking for content filtering and faster internet. It’s more than just awesome if you are using BSNL as your ISP.

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  1. Ashutosh says:

    Restarting computer isn’t necessary, unless you want to put those DNS servers right into your router (so non-admins can’t mess with it). :)

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

      Well, My computer wasn’t able to access the internet before I restarted. So, I just wanted to make sure the readers got it Loud and clear. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I have router connected to my modem. My router connects with username & password. So, I have to update dns in my router or modem.

  3. Hi Gouthaman,

    I’m sorry you were having issues with your ISPs DNS — but I’m happy you’ve set up OpenDNS and it’s working well for you!

    I especially like what you said in your bottom line: if you are having issues with your ISPs DNS, switching to OpenDNS can help, but even if you aren’t, it can speed up your Internet.

    All the best,
    Laura Oppenheimer

  4. sid shady says:

    i wana know wether tis works in my colleg network !!…. cuz dey blok a lota sites and d speed s also awful ! …. wat wud u suggest me to do???

  5. Ever since I have changed my DNS my local wampserver is offline. Is it a issue? If so how can I rectify it?

  6. Ashraf says:

    I am using bsnl’s huawei mobile connect , can anyone say how can i configure these settings?

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

      I am not sure if these can work on a Wireless broadband connection. But, it’s always worth a try.

      Start -> Run -> ncpa.cpl -> TCP/IP (double click) -> Manually configure DNS servers and enter the DNS server details. If it doesn’t work, try OpenDNS.com, they might just have more information regarding this.

  7. nikhil says:

    Nice Strategy… Just changing the DNS does the trick! thnks


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