HowTo Open Office 2007 files on Office 2003 and Older versions ?


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I get a lot of service calls from users with Office 2003 saying that they can’t open a word file that came with an email. Problem? The file was created in Office 2007/2010 and was in the new format (i.e. .docx etc). Most of the users are not interested in upgrading to a newer version of Office, mainly due to the ‘Ribbon’ interface.


If you use Office 2003, you can still open Office 2007 files on your computer. Just follow the steps below:

Do the same if you’ve got Office 2000 or Office XP, but make sure that you’ve got the latest Service Pack for your version of Office installed before you install the compatibility pack.

Office XP – SP3 download

Office 2000 – SP3 download

Here are few online converters. (You may choose to use online converters if you are not allowed to install anything on your computer)

1. Docx2doc – It specializes in converting docx format into doc. Just browse the file and select the option to display or save it. that’s it.

2. Zamzar – Zamzar is a famous conversion tool which I personally recommend and I have tried converting docx into doc. It works like a charm and all you need to do is, just browse the file, select the extension which you need the file to be converted such as doc or xls and once you’ve done that, enter you email address and you will receive an email of the same file in the desired format.

3. Google Docs – This is my favorite way of handling newer files. Just upload your .docx/any Office 13+ file to Google Docs and it will open the file for you. You can even edit the files you’ve uploaded.

If you know more techniques to open/convert Office 13+  files tell us by commenting below. I understand that the content in this article is kind of out-dated but, I decided to write this post since I’ve been getting some mails and queries on this issue. I urge that you try Office 2010 at least once before deciding not to upgrade.

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