Heatmap Tool Find Out Where the Visitors Click on Your WebPage ?


To find out where your visitors click more on webpage, here is a small heat map tool, that shows a visual heat map of clicks on an HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones. According to wiki ” A heat map is a graphical representation of data where the values taken by a variable in a two-dimensional map are represented as colors. ” Web heat maps have been used for displaying areas of a Web page most frequently scanned by visitors.

ClickHeat is an open source tool to find out the most clicked place on a web page. It requires JavaScript on the client to track clicks, PHP and GD on the server to log clicks and generate the heat map.

Heatmap will help you in analysing your website very well. You need to install the heat map script on your server. It will record the clicks and most viewed place by the client. Then you need to analyze the logs and plan according to it.

If you’re going to place ads on your website, this heat map can give you more idea on where to place ads so that viewers get more attention on it.

Download the ClickHeat tool, unzip it and upload it to your server. Once you’ve done, call the directory from your browser (say http://www.yoursite.com/clickheat/index.php)

You can also see live demo here (username – demo ; password – demo)

Download ClickHeat – Open source software !

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  1. prajeeshc says:

    Interesting post dude…
    here we can get most viewed line and page… Nice :)

  2. Anurag says:

    Aweseom Tool.
    This will really help much in increasing Adsense Revenue.

  3. Great share Srivathsan. Never knew about this tool.
    Thank you :D

  4. vijay says:

    Previously i heard about heat map,but i don’t care about,Now only i know the real usage of “heat map” from your article.Thanks to you…

  5. This is an Awesome tool, Worth to add to our sites and useful for ads placements !

    Thanks for Sharing this Sri..

  6. brian says:

    These are great tools, i personally use clicktale which has the best of the bunch in my opinion. Its heatmaps are second to none.

  7. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!


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