Embed Live Cricket Scores on WordPress Blogs


When you need to embed live cricket scores on WordPress blogs, I have found a WordPress plugin which can make your work easier. Install the wordpress plugin and get live cricket scores on your wordpress blog. You can add it as widget to your sidebar or even customize it.

Cricket Score WordPress plugin lets you to display latest live Cricket Score for your website. Download the plugin and install it on your blog. Then either use the Widget on your sidebar or Place in your templates.

Just add this snippet wherever you want to display Live Cricket Score.

Get Live Cricket Scores on Your Browser : ESPN Cricinfo Google Chrome Extension

Download Cricket Score WordPress Plugin from here !

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  1. vijay says:

    I think this plug-in will bring more traffic in our blogs in cricket season when we install this one…

  2. cricket says:

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  3. kratosellas says:

    http://kratosellas.blogspot.com online sport,videos :) :D

  4. U can see my layout for this plugin on my recently developed website but i need a plugin that can automatically update the score ball by ball…. it may be something that we can update…. do somebody know about any plugin like this????

  5. anish says:

    Nice one, can we also have scores of more than one match ?

  6. abhi says:

    Great update, looking forward for implementing this one

  7. abhi says:

    great update, looking forward towards implementing this one

  8. unlimited ftp says:

    thanks for your great plugins….

  9. sonesh says:

    Nice I am searching for this only

    Thanks :)


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