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If you’re planning to build a website, the two main things that you require is domain name and hosting. Domain name is the one where you get www.yourname.com, the website address where people can reach it. The next important thing is your Hosting, where you host the files that contains the front end design. To make you understand clearly, once you’ve bought the domain name, next thing is you need to put the html files and form a website. So the well designed html files should be hosted in the backend, here is where the hosting service comes in.

As a newbie, when you want to build websites or start a blog, you may be confused to select the best hosting solutions because, once you go professional or launch your company website, it should not face much downtime or it shouldn’t be vulnerable and considering about other services like customer support, faster server access and many other information, you will be confused to select the best hosting service ?

I knew many friends who wants to start a blog/website they have been directed to a wrong hosting providers which serves very poor and lack of customer support, the newbie suffer a lot. So considering all the facts, you should be very clear and guided on choosing the best hosting solution. So how to find the best hosting service provider in the world of web ? There are millions of hosting providers that provides you hosting options like Linux hosting, windows hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers etc.

To find out the right hosting service provider, a website named “WebHostingRating.com” helps you to choose the best hosting provider with good service. The website has a directory of hosting providers with their profiles, reviews and achievements of the hosting company. When choosing for the hosting provider, we always look into customer reviews who had experienced already and then we decide about the hosting company, so hereafter you don’t need to look for reviews on different places. Webhostingrating provides the honest and best reviews about different hosting company’s based on the customer experience. They don’t write only positive reviews alone, if the hosting service lacks at something, they also point out the negatives too. So you can expect a netural review stating which one is good and which one is bad.

So anyone who is looking for hosting, they first check the customer feedback, the next thing is they look into the categories of hosting services. On hosting, there are different kinds of hosting such as Linux hosting, windows hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, colocation hosting etc. The webhostingrating gives you a clear details about different kinds of hosting and their services offered.

Customer feedback, Kinds of hosting services and the next one comes in is pricing. Webhostingrating also provides the user with the pricing option, you can compare the prices with other hosting providers. If you need a professional one with good service, it is always better to choose higher pricing one because of the good support. Based on the stars and ratings you can choose the hosting services.

So the major factors like customer review, features, pricing are over. The main unique thing on webhostingrating is they have categorized the best hosting providers on year bases like Top 10 best hosting providers of 2009, 2008 etc .. So you can check out the ratings for the latest year and also they provide awards for the best windows hosting company, Linux hosting company, VPS hosting company, Forum hosting company and many more.. You can know the ratings, reviews, pricing options of individual hosting companies.

With its unique format of reviews, ratings, pricing comparison, hosting awards, webhostingrating.com stands out from the crowd. It has a search bar on the left side where you can search hosting service providers according to the location, hosting type and price. It also has a separate category for CMS hosts such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, forum hosting like phpBB, vBulletin etc.

Ultimately, choosing a web hosting service is a real pain, with the help of webhostingrating.com it is made easier. It help you find a reliable web host company. With its unique high rated directory of web hosting companies listed, you can find the right solution for your website or blog. It also has a special forum where you can share your own views about your hosting provider.

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