5 Useful Tips To Manage Time For Blogging


Here are few statements which people usually use ” I don’t get time for blogging, am very busy at work, so don’t find time for blogging. ” You have 24 hours totally in day, where you spend 9 hours at work, 9 hours for sleep and remaining you have 6 hours. You cannot spend the entire 6 hours for blogging, but when you learn to control time and prioritize the work, manage it wisely then you can win your blogging dreams. But for all this you need to plan your time and work according to it. Here are few tips –

Before going into the topic, you must read – HowTo manage the 6 hours, like spending atleast 150 minutes a day for blogging and drive 1000 daily views to your blog

Limit Reading & Start Implementing :

On my personal expereince, I have wasted so much time on networking and reading other blogs. Stop checking your facebook friend stream or If you’re a twitter addict like me, then it may kill your time. Don’t get me wrong, I never said stop reading or stop connecting with friends. Again control your time and check only important updates. You need to stop reading and start implementing on things which you work. Nothing will change untill you start working, so limit your reading and start writing !

Stop Checking Statistics :

This habit will be to everyone who blogs, checking the stats always. Once you’ve started working actively, then you can check your statistics and plan according to it. If you’re a novice blogger, then usually it takes time for to settle down. So never be checking your stats (analytics or feed burner) again and again rather work on content which creates high impact. Focus on task that produce high impact. Set your target audience and work on it.

Avoid Distraction :

The main reason having no time for blogging, is the distraction. Avoid distraction and don’t spend time useless like spending too much on television rather work on your blogging goals. One bad habit I have is checking mails and tweets often :( *need to stop that on working hours*

Take Care of Health & Be Energetic :

Maintain your health so that you could work on time and also be passionate. Motivate yourself and be energetic.

Use Reminders & Time Management Apps :

Finally you need to turn your passionate reading into active working. So here are some tips hope that would work fine when you follow them. The next issue which many people face is, when they start blogging with all these interest, they don’t find anyone reading their blogs ? They don’t have any topics to blog about ? They don’t know where to get information to blog about or find inspiration to blog and finally they give up in less time ? Yes, I can catch all your mind voices. Will try to come up with some more useful tips.

You can also try some apps like To-do list which helps in time management :

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  1. Robin says:

    “Stop checking statistics..” always i give this statement whenever people ask me to start blogging as their part time or full time biz.

    Good one Sri.

    – Robin

  2. vijay says:

    Even i am also wasting my time by checking my stats,Now i realized how i wasted my time by such activities…

  3. Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

    I loved this post.

    But, I have one thing to object. You have said, Limit Reading & Start Implementing which I believe might not work. Reading is the best thing a blogger can do to improve his standards and ONLY reading will help him keep up with the web trends.

    No Offence, Great Post and thanks for sharing.

    • So, okay when will you then start writing or implementing it ? If you need to become a blogger, you need to limit reading. I don’t say that you should stop reading. Limit it to certain hours to check feeds etc. Then start implementing it. If you want to become a reader, then reading is the only thing you should do :P

      • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

        Well bro. I understand your arguments, but I feel that reading makes us deeper. Reading is as equally important as writing if one has to be deep in his/her posts. A person who never reads will always be known as a ‘Shallow thinker’. I understand that you don’t say not to read., you just advice everyone to limit their reading time.

        Thanks for the quick reply.

  4. Gagan says:

    I usually wake up early in the morning and spend around 30 minutes writing blog post.

    And the whole day I keep on thinking post ideas and write it in my journal. The next day when I wake up, I open my journal give a quick look at the ideas that came to my mind the day before and start writing post of the day on that ideas.

    In this way I can easily write one-two posts per day, and I also write my blog posts while traveling to college, I write them in offline mode and when I come home I publish it on my blog, sometimes I use my college library wifi to publish my articles.

    • Awesome, Thank you so much Gagan for sharing your ideas. Your tips are very useful for college students who are blogging. taking down the notes while on travelling is a good point and also spending 30 to 40 mins in morning is very good and can be done by everyone.

  5. Arun Kumar says:

    awesome article bro
    thanks for it

  6. Well, how do you say that working hours are restricted to 9 hours!! It consumes 12 to 14 hours buddy!! Travelling is yet another problem that needs attention. The moment u come to home u feel really tired and won’t have energy to blog. U go to bed and by the time u wake up you find that you are just 1 hour away from your office time.

  7. IT consulting says:

    I still believe that you should be passionate about blogging first before even attempting to make it your profession. No matter how much time you allot be able to blog on a regular basis, if your heart and mind are not into it, you’ll end up writing nothing.

  8. MOBILESPACE says:

    thankyou for giving usefull information about time management


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