5 Tips To Send Email and Get Noticed by Email Recipient


Recently we had seen 5 Tips to Keep your Email Inbox clutter free, today we are going to discuss about the effective ways to send an email to ensure that the recipient reads your messages and get the attention they deserve.

What ever it may be, whether official business email or mailing to family and friends, you should follow these steps to convey your email properly. Some times the purpose of your e-mail doesn’t reach the person because lack of ?? Here are some tips that you should remember when composing an e-mail.

Powerful Subject line :

When you’re entering the subject line for an email, you should be able to capture the recipients attention quickly. Most of them just check with subject lines before opening the email, if your subject line looks like spam or confusing, then surely it will get deleted in hurry. Make your subject line very clear and it should be depending on the message.

Reponse From the Recipient :

When your enter the message at body, make sure you tell your recipients what action you want them to take. For example, if you need them to reply with some documents and files, then ask them clearly.

Provide All Neccessary Data :

Don’t keep recipients to come back and ask for data and documents. Before you hit the send button, make sure you have attached all the supporting neccessary documents and data regarding the message. Once you’ve attached all the documents, mention it on the subject line like ” I have attached supporting documents, please look at it and reply me “. This will make them to respond to the email.

Use Carbon Copy (cc) Wisely :

When you cc someone, make sure that the email has no action or response. It should be read-only to the cc persons.

Ask Yourself Before You Hit :

The final thing you want to do before you send the email is to ask yourself whether you have done everything on the checklist, make sure that it doesn’t come back to you again with more questions and also re-check the recipients email id and cc if any.

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Ultimately don’t send junk email or irrelevant data. If you have some more tips on sending emails, do share it with us.

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