5 Tips to Keep Email Inbox Clutter Free


One of the major things that limit productivity is spending too much time on email inbox. With your inbox cluttered, you get confused on what to do when or forget things to do. Normally when your email inbox is well organized, that will lead to effective and productive start of the day.

As many people start their day with checking mails, it is important to organize your email inbox clutter free. Here are few tips that help you to keep up with your mails and manage them easily.

Tip No #1

Sort messages by creating email folders or labels. You can arrange email by date, sender, file size, or level of importance. By doing this one, it will clean up your inbox.

Tip No #2

Group similar messages in folders. Once you have created a label, assign them colors and group them in folders. So that it could be easy for later references.

Tip No #3

Use Filters and Forwardings effectively. You can forward incoming and outgoing emails automatically. So set according to your work and use filters effectively. Suppose if you own a website, then mails regarding admin account, redirect it to your primary mail id. Filter spam messages with keywords.

Tip No #4

Use Flag feature and flag email messages, tasks, and more to help mark them for action. Flags can remind you to follow up on an issue, indicate a request for someone else, or set a reminder for a message or contact

Tip No #5

Schedule your emails from Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail accounts for a later date/time. LetterMeLater.com allows you to send emails to anyone you wish, with the ability to have them sent at any future date and time you choose.

If you’ve some more tips, do share it with us ! Which email service do you prefer ? Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo ?

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  1. Tip 5 looks cool to me. I never tried this email scheduling. Will do it from now. And thanks for sharing these tips.

  2. Oh man, this was my problem about an year and a half ago. I would spend all my time with emails. Here is what I did to get around the problem:



  3. Great tips. Thanks for sharing the information

  4. Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

    I prefer Gmail. :)

  5. vijay says:

    I especially like “filters” to avoid unwanted mails,unless spammers will spam and fills our In box easily…

  6. Vilyanur says:

    Nice tips.
    never used the scheduler i will try it.

    Thanks for the tips.

  7. I have never tried lettermelater.com, I will try this hope it will help me.


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