5 Tips For Blogging To Success


When I started my first WordPress blog I followed all the tips recommended by the established bloggers. I learned from all bloggers that the only thing to stand out of the crowd is to be unique in blogging industry. Giving unique information will give you more exposure to the whole blogging industry. So basically what I learned is that the key to make your blog more profitable is to develop a totally unique brand and provide quality to the readers. Every blogger dream to be the best, but not everyone’s dream becomes a reality.
Those who actually apply all the theoretical techniques get the positive result and get known as a successful blogger. A professional and established blogger always think about their blogs and they are always evaluating their work. If you really want to get maximum benefits from your WordPress blog, then follow the following tips and techniques.

Organizing is must :

This is of course important step in your blog management. Organizing means the way your blog looks (Blog design, placement of various widgets, etc.), the way people surf (Categorized) and they way people read your blog. If there will be a lot of ads around the post then readers won’t be able to read the post. Similarly if a reader wants to read a related article then provide an easy interface in shape of categories, so that he can read.

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Blog Design Matters Friend :

Professional and established bloggers have their own unique blog design. Try to develop a blog design which can be easily navigated. I personally love simple blog design. For example a simple good looking header logo, customize side bars and simple content are with well optimize ad slots. Having good blog design will organize everything perfectly. Use fast loading designs with low sized images.

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Use Plugins To Enhance Functionality :

Another thing which will organize your blog is appropriate plugins. Normally the popular plugins are ‘Related posts plugin‘, ‘Author Bio Plugin’, ‘Popular Posts Plugin’, ‘All in one YPN‘ etc. These plugins will make your blog more organized and attractive. Just keep in mind that you are blogging, because you want to provide informative environment to your readers. So try to install these WordPress plugins which will help your readers.

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Post Format :

As I told about post quality, post format is that factor which will add more quality to a post. For example if a post has a lot of informative information, but the way the post has been formatted is not well then majority will skip the post. Thus organizing the post with headings, sub headings, bold, italic, underline will make the post more readable and make it easy for readers to get important points.

Keep Targets :

Keep targets and achieve them. Following this can help you make your blog a great success! Keep small targets, achieve them. Then slowly by slowly increase your goals. Always work hard and achieve your goals!
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  1. Chethan says:

    Wonderful Article by Our Madras King….

  2. Good one Roger. But I feel, apart from the blog structure(first 4 points) and setting up the targets, building good links with fellow bloggers is also important.
    They are the ones who sometimes guide you and tell about the mistakes they committed.
    What do you feel? :)

  3. vijay says:

    An another mile stone from “Madras geek”,Thanks roger for this one….

  4. Arun Kumar says:

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