5 Things I like About MS Office 2010


I’ve been using Office 2010 for over a week now and frankly, there’s been a lot of hard work at ‘One Microsoft Way‘. The changes have all been positive and I am sure that amateur users won’t take a long time to get a grip of this version. Installation was a breeze, just like in Office 2007 and activation was of no problem too. The colors and the aesthetic changes were mostly good.

Without beating around the bush, here are 5 things I like about Office 2010 –

Backstage :

This is something we haven’t seen in the older versions. At first, some users might get shocked to see features like Print not in sight in the “ribbon”, but, the Backstage offers everything from Print Preview – Help and activation. If you are looking to save your document on a different format/convert it or anything else – You’ve got to head to the backstage. In programs like Outlook, Backstage is even more useful since you can manage multiple accounts seamlessly. I liked this entire concept since it organizes the features and the allows the user to get the job done easily. It’s something you do behind-the-scene to make your document presentable.

Social Networking Integration with Outlook

There’s been a lot of talk on Social Networks killing email, But this one is a life saver for email. I have always hated Outlook for some reason but, Outlook 2010 has really leaped a step ahead by integrating social networks with the Outlook Social Connector, you can also see a contact’s status update with regular information from the address book. With features like these, Microsoft can easily convince a lot of people to switch to Office 2010.

MS Access is a lot easier

I don’t know if people will agree with me but, I really felt that Access was a lot easier to use this time. The templates were very helpful and the interface was very friendly. I’ve always used One Note to take notes for future reference and the Office 2010 has a better One Note with a very easy-to-use interface.

No More MS Equation 3.0

The Equation editor is no more exclusive to MS-Word it’s been made common to all Office applications.

Newer Animations and Templates in Powerpoint

I am very happy with Powerpoint this time. There’s been a lot of new animation styles added and the templates are decent too. You will surely have a nice presentation with Office 2010.

Though I’ve been all praises with MS Office there’s stuff I didn’t like, Outlook was a resource hog and it kept saying Not-Responding most of the time. I was unhappy the the fonts since we don’t have anything exciting like last time (remember Cambria and Calibri?). The Web Apps are good, but not spectacular, I am sticking to Google Apps for now.

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