5 Must Have Software To Keep Your Computer Secure


It’s been awhile since I did a must-have post. In this post I am going to mention 5 Must have software that should be installed in your computer to stay secure and Virus free. This post is mainly going to be a reminder of things we already know.

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Anti Virus

Well, the title sounds Obvious. But, It isn’t. Many of us still do not have Anti Virus software installed and if some have, they don’t take the pains to update the definitions regularly. An Anti Virus software which has not been updated is like a computer without a monitor.

My Recommendations:

I haven’t used all of the Security software in the market. But, I’d strongly recommend Norton Antivirus 2010 or Norton 360. McAfee is equally good. I used the trial version of Norton on my VMWare and it does seem to protect your computer better than any other software would do. But, there’s always an argument that viruses are made to break the security walls of popular AV softwares so using a less-popular software is a better idea.

If you can’t shell out money, consider going in for the Avira AntiVir Personal (Free) Anti Virus. It does not update automatically. But, Security Center reminds you to do it which negates the issue. Microsoft’s Security Essentials is also a fine choice.

Read our Best 5 Free Antivirus Program for Pc to know more.


Comodo Firewall has impressed me more than any other Firewall I have tried. But, If you’ve got Windows Vista/Windows 7, you may not need one since Windows Firewall itself provides basic Inbound and Outbound protection. Free download Comodo Firewall.


This is one of the most important aspect of PC Security. Always use an Updated Browser and avoid procrastinating Browser Upgradation. Whenever there’s a new version of the browser you use, GET IT ASAP! Browsers like Firefox/Chrome have a lot of security add-ons that makes it tougher for your computer to get infected. IE also has WOT which can significantly reduce your visits to phishing sites.

Also read our 5 Portable Browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Opera, SeaMonkey, Maxthon if you don’t have permissions to install browsers on your computer.


You don’t need this if you have something like Norton 360 installed. But, for those users who have a free AV software or just an Anti Virus software, you WILL need additional software to make sure that you don’t get Spyware. I use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and I am satisfied with it. Windows Defender is pathetic and I recommend you turn it off and give way to Malwarebytes. Download Malwarebytes Anti Malware

Genuine Windows Software

I insist that you all use Genuine Windows Software, so that you will receive regular updates and patches. I am a proud owner of Genuine Windows Vista and I never had virus issues (Seriously), Stop using Activators that promise to activate your Pirated Windows. They come bundled with Viruses and tempt you that they can activate your computer no matter how pirated it is. :)

links: Purchase Genuine Windows

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  1. Nicely organized and written article, Gouthaman. PC Security is a much bigger issue than most people want to acknowledge, a) because it takes some technical tweaking (no matter what programs you’re using) to accurately maintain, and b) people usually assume they’re safe until a breach actually happens, THEN they do something about it.

    I find it hard to believe that the Avast! antivirus program isn’t listed here. I’ve been online since ’92 on BBS and email, and blogging since ’99 (
    when Avast was born). I believe I have used every single antivirus program ever made, perhaps.

    The ONLY A/V software that I NEVER (okay, I’ll repeat: never) gave me a virus was Avast. I’ve switched to using it on all my pcs, laptops, and client WordPress installations. It is the best, hands down, and increasingly more people are using it. AVG is pretty close, but I have still gotten viruses using AVG. And Norton–PLENTY with Norton.

    I will caution you about using Avast if you already have an old or slow PC. Avast has a tendency to hog more system resources than other lightweight A/V’s (although Norton is worst based on tests) but it’s worth it when you are virus free!

    As for Norton, my advice is to stay away from the program (especially the free version, which implants some BS code on your PC that you can NEVER delete). Norton is only popular because it’s bundled and people use it for the convenience and don’t realize there are much better (and free) options, imho.

    As far as browsers, I also would never recommend IE (any version) to anyone. Even with WOT, a report has recently come out that phishing on IE has only gotten more intense. I corrupted two hard drives over the years directly due to using Internet Explorer. Don’t use it. I highly recommend Chrome because it’s the fastest, best Google-app-integrated (obviously!), and its impressive extensions library is growing every day.

    I was a big Firefox fan for years but the last few releases have been way too unstable to try and use when you are simultaneously running programs like Dreamweaver & Photoshop CS to develop websites. One day Firefox crashed (a personal best) 31 times on me! That was the beginning of the end.

    Which brings me to my last point regarding your statement, Gouthaman, as a “proud owner” of Windows Vista. I actually never heard anyone say they were a proud owner of anything by Windows. Don’t forget Bill Gates STOLE the whole concept from Steve Jobs at Apple many moons ago (see the book “Nerds 2.0” among others). Pirating windows in poetic justic methinks.

    The founder of Microsoft was the biggest Blackbeard out there back in the day. He is a multi-billionaire now because he admittedly stole “open” code from a young, creative company and made it proprietary. Maybe the worst move in PC-OS history as far as further developing Windows (it’s a closed system!)

    People look up to Gates and teachers teach about him like he’s some demi-god just because he has so much money. He should be vilified. I would never pay Microsoft a dime for anything. I run Linux which is so much better than Windows it should be in a different category, and use OpenOffice instead of Microsoft’s bloated product.

    Gouthaman, you are right that many illegal software downloads contain malicious code. But if you are tech savvy enough to sort through the wheat and chaff, you should be able to find a virus-free version of pretty much ANYTHING. (I am in NO WAY recommending illegal downloads — just sayin’ ;)

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