3 Blogging Tips For College Students


The blogosphere is a vast space where people can do everything from rant about what’s on their mind, comment on a specific area of expertise or interest, or even make a name for themselves outside of their local circle. As a college student, with a greater access to high-speed Internet and computer technology, and with more leisure time than the average five day 40 hour a week worker, it’s an even more enticing proposition. Not only that, blogging offers possibilities to enhance your education and help you move forward in your career after you graduate. Here are a few things to consider before you start, though.

Make sure you know your audience

Many blog sites like Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress allow you to sync posts with your social networking accounts, like Twitter and Facebook. Just like you can get in trouble with the wrong Tweet or status update, you can get in as much trouble if you write a rant about a professor who just gave you an F. In addition, it goes without saying that racially insensitive, sexist, or other forms of bigoted commentary is strongly advised against, especially if you rely on your institution for a scholarship or you hold a position like a teaching assistant or in the student body government. The same goes for being too open about any illegal activities you might engage in, like underage drinking. Just remember, what you write is out there for everyone, so if you don’t want certain people to read something, don’t write it.

Expect Strong Opinions to Bring Strong Comments

During your education, you’ll learn a variety of new information, both in your classrooms and from the new people you meet from myriad diverse backgrounds. Some of it will anger you and outrage you, and all you’ll want to do is get on your computer and let the world know what you think. That’s great, because the blogosphere was built on its inherent democracy of ideas, giving regular Joes like you the same platform those talking heads on TV have. On the other hand, there are a lot of people out there that probably don’t agree with you, and in some cases love to troll blogs and stir up fights. Don’t expect the same kind of measured, fact based debates you have in the classroom or among friends. The key is to be respectful in your blogging, in your commenting on other blogs, and in how you deal with those commenting on you – no matter how crazy or ignorant they may sound. I have my own 24-hour rule, where I won’t post on an issue until after I’ve sat on it for 24 hours. That way you let the emotions die down and you write more with your head.

Have fun with it

College is supposed to be the best time of your life, make your blog an extension of that. Even if it’s more serious than a Tumblr account dedicated to reblogging pictures of the Twilight cast – like say, a journalism blog to help you get work after you get your degree – hopefully you majored in something like journalism because it’s what you’re passionate about. Let it show. Be yourself, and enjoy it. Otherwise, why are you blogging in the first place?

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  1. Pallab says:

    Having fun is the most important thing. Otherwise your energy will wane away after a few months and you will struggle to motivate yourself.

  2. Sourav says:

    I agree with Pallab. The third point is the most important, specially for a college student. We really need to enjoy blogging in the first place. Otherwise there are so many other distractions that we can easily be swayed away.

  3. Budi Blogging Tutorial Guy says:

    Agree with the point #3, Having fun is the most important in blogging. I like your blog, you have nice and clean design here.

  4. Agree with both of you.To get success in blogging we must enjoy it.Thanks for sharing.

  5. blinkky says:

    Set your target in blogging. By the way, always enjoy in blogging =)

  6. Don’t bring your negative emmotions from college – Assignments, quarrels,etc and show them in ur writing !

  7. Peter J says:

    People always put the emphasis of blogging on making money. Although making some spare cash to spend while at college is awesome, we should really be in it for fun or we will never end up anywhere.

  8. Most of the people start blogging to make money. But I would not recommend to do that money, because money is by product of your blogging activity. If you focus on good and quality content you are definitely going to make money.

  9. Tini Martz says:

    Right on the dot there. I do think blogging is for freedom of speech, but you also have to be mindful of what you say so as to not offend anyone that might have a totally opposite opinion. Blogging is a mutual respect of ideas. Nice share :)

  10. Mba abroad says:

    Stay focused on having fun and you will find your way in other things!


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