10 Tips When You Attend Bloggers Meet or Social Media Conferences


When there is a chance to meet online people at offline, you will be surprised and happy to meet them because you can get to know more about them and build your relationship. Yes, Bloggers meet and Social media conferences gives you a huge chance to meet large number of people whom you’re talking daily on Facebook or twitter or your blogger mates.

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There are many events and conferences happening in your city every month, when you interact with people you will be knowing about them. There are many bloggers meet like Barcamps, Social media events etc. So all these events usually happen like casual conversation about the social media, blogging, etc etc.

Today am going to share some tips that you can follow when ever you’re attending bloggers meet or social media conferences. I’m not going to discuss anything about presentation skills or technical details. We are going to see some tips on networking with people on social media conferences and events.

You should attend these kind of meetups and events because it gives you a great chance to meet people whom you’ve inspired online and these events gives you a chance to meet those people and get to know with them closer. It will take you the next level in your niche. So here are few tips which I love to share with you all ..

Tip #1

Be Yourself and engage with people. Show your real identity and don’t be a fake one.

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Tip #2

Help organizers to arrange the meet successfully, you can help them on finance, spread the event on social media, blog about it or just tweet it etc. You can also live tweet or live blog the event. When you tweet, create a hashtag common for the event, so that other people who missed the event can catch up the information through hashtags.

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Tip #3

Talk to everyone on the meet. Keep your ego aside and talk with everyone. If you stand at a corner, no one will come and talk to you, try yourself to go and talk with maximum number of people on these events.

Tip #4

Take photos, upload it to your facebook profile or social media profiles, tag your friends and people.

Tip #5

Get into photos, so that there is huge chance to get popular on social media. Many events and conferences has their own facebook page or flickr page, so you get tagged by different people and your popularity increases.

Tip #6

When there is lunch break or tea time, get in touch with people and have a discussion.

Tip #7

Write down the memories of such events on your blog, so that it spreads to more and more people. As mentioned #2, you can also live tweet or live blog the event.

Tip #8

Once you meet new people on social media conferences and events, follow them on twitter and facebook. Know about them more.

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Tip #9

Thank organizers, sponsers and leave your feedback to them personally, so that it would be encouraging for them to arrange such meets in future.

Tip #10

You can leave some more tips on attending bloggers meet and social media conferences. Leave your tips on the comments section, so that the best comment/tip will be placed on the Tip #10.

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  2. Nice tips bud, will be useful when I attend my first meetup.

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    If we financially well,then we may offer a small gift for visitors like “Pen””Packet calendar”and so on what ever best idea in our mind,which have our brand name or our website name,Not only for sponsorship but it will improve better relationship with fellow bloggers also improve traffic of our blog.Excellent share,thanking you for this….

  6. You could take a presentation at the event, most blogcamps and barcamps allow people to volunteer sessions. That way you could show off your expertise and communicate to the mass.


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