10 Tips To Find Ideas For Writing a Blog post and Make a Hit !


Few days back, we had seen 5 useful tips to manage time for blogging, on that article I have said that I will discuss some more tips on finding inspiration to write a blog post or discuss helpful tips in driving traffic to your blog etc. Today we have some useful tips on finding ideas or inspiration to write a blog post and make it a super hit !

Before getting into the discussion, here are few tips that you should read (open in new tab)

People ask me, where to get information to write on blogs or how to be creative in writing a post ? Here are few tips that I would like to share with you all ..

1. Take a simple application that you use regularly on your PC, what ever it may be, don’t bother about the size of usefulness. Just review the application by telling the pros and cons, tricks or shortcuts for easier access etc. By this way, you will get an idea to blog about applications.

2. Pick an object from your table, think in 4 ways of using it creatively.

3. You can write about some one whom you admire on blogging world.

4. If you find a post which you disagree (like this – 15 reasons why I choose Hostgator), If you disagree with my points, you can make a post on that. Make a list post like 15 reasons why I hate hostgator etc etc .. This would be a real killer.

5. If you’ve more interest on photographic or design skills, then explore flickr or devianart and try to collect inspiration images and make it a list post.

6. Write about social media apps that makes it easier to use social media sites like facebook or microblogging twitter etc. You can write your experience on twitter, you can make a list post of you favorite people to follow on twitter etc.

7. If you’re technically interested more, then look out for Yahoo answers, where people ask questions. Select the computer & internet category, see the questions and problems of people, solve them. Draft the answer document as blog post on your blog.

8. You can use YouTube effectively, find video tutorials. Make a blog post on HowTo tutorials and embed the YouTube video in your blog.

9. Ask your readers on what topic they like, keep a seperate page for their queries. Answer them weekly on blog post.

10. The last point is left to you, share more ideas on the comments section. The best idea will be selected and filled up for this point.

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  1. Razzil says:

    Yahoo Answers is top in my list to find ideas for post. Next i like to write which i did in my computer and share the knowledge with world.
    Nice Post, i think many of blogger have their blogs but no ideas what to post?

  2. Siddharth says:

    Great Tips bro :)
    Will try these to implement !

  3. thanks again for the tips. the hardest thing for me is getting back into a consistent work flow of writing blogs once or twice a week. i easily get distracted by facebook twitter etc …. that kill my motivation.

  4. Hi,

    Othet best way to find a idea for writing a post could be analyzing your blog where its is today and keeping your goal in mind, what you want from blog to do.

    Will definitely open best idea for you to write.

    Hope this will help as 10th point.



  5. vijay says:

    Currently i am getting 700+ visitors / month(Last month stats) from yahoo answers,Also this is one of the factor of my recent page rank PR1,Thanks for a awesome share…

  6. Arun Kumar says:

    great post bro


  7. I use news (Mainly TV), Google alerts as a source of posts sometimes. This also helps us to get good amount of traffic, but need to make sure that we don’t duplicate the content. Frame your own sentences just use the instance of the news (Headlines) and frame the post

  8. Sumanth says:

    First of all a superb post..thanks for sharing your ideas..
    As u have said to review apps in the same way we can review some websites or services and also can list some useful websites…

  9. Sourav says:

    These are some great tips. Reviewing an application, writing about an object from the table…these are really uncommon ideas but can be very effective.
    I do try to use Yahoo answers and check out the posts from my commenter’s ComLuv link.

  10. Love your ideas. #1 I used it on my own and it proved to be very successful and a good change from the usual flow of articles. My personal approach is dedicating at least 20 minutes a day to doodle on my Moleskine notebook with a pencil mindmapping and brainstorming ideas for blog posts, about any topic I have “touched” in my everyday work like or experience, something I read on a post, Twitter update etc. In 20 minutes I can come up with at least 2 good arguments to blog about, and once the mindmap is drawn, it really is close to writing in words what I already have in my mind, very straightforward.

  11. i like #6th idea
    since i get most of my traffic from search query related to orkut :)


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