TypeWith.Me : Work on Documents Simultaneously in Real Time


This is free online tool to work on documents together in real-time. This tool allows you to simultaneously edit the document by group of people. When you work on college projects or some professional presentation where you need to discuss and work with other people on the same text document, this tool will help you in a great way.

TypeWith.me is an instant collaboration tool to edit documents in real-time. This online free service allows you and up to 15 other people work on a document online simultaneously. You can import files from your PC or use the built-in text editor to type on document in real-time.

It is synchronized as you type, so that everyone viewing this page sees the same text. It is easy to use and let’s see how to make good of it.

1. There is no sign up or registration required. So directly Go to http://typewith.me/

2. Click on the button to create a new document.

3. If you have ready document, you can click import/export feature and upload the document. Or else start using the text editor to type the documents. The inbuilt text editor has rich feature where you can select bullets, highlight fonts, etc.

4. Now click the share button which is on your right side, you get a unique address, in the format http://typewith.me/xxxxxxxxx

5. Start giving the link to your friends, co-worker or whoever you want to work on the project.

6. On the upper right hand corner of the screen, you can type your name and select the color for the words and also you can see your friends name with their colors.

7. Each collaborator is assigned a unique color that any text he or she contributes will be highlighted in, making it easy to tell who has contributed what to any given document.

8. When you have a quick question, you can use the chat room feature which is on the right side. You can discuss with your collaborators without the need for IM clients.

9. Once the document is completed, you can save it and export it to HTML, Word, PDF or bookmarked file.

10. You’ve also a time slider which shows the entire work done by you and your collaborators in a slider way.

TypeWith.Me – Homepage

If you find any other similar online collaboration tool, do share it with us.

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  1. Aother google wave i guess!

  2. Tech Sputter says:

    Nice share , keep up the good work mate :-) :-)
    team work rocks really

  3. That’s very close to what Google wave does. This tool will be useful when we do group projects.
    Thanks for the share.

  4. chris says:

    At my college we use a different tool for working on our projects online.
    Its free and needs no installation since its online, go to http://www.showdocument.com
    pretty useful for me since i usually do my projects on the laptop. -chrisman


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