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Your system may be affected with virus, malware, spyware and trojans. You don’t need to spend $$ on antivirus programs or to a system repair guy. Just install Time Freeze software which will take care by preventing threats of any viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans, regular maintenance, surf internet safely with privacy etc.

Actually this Time Freeze software was $39.00, but the company Wondershare has made the licenses are giveaway for free forever. So we should take advantage of this offer.

Wondershare Time Freeze is an easy and effective system protection tool to keep your computer safe from viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malicious threats. It puts the actual system under protection and creates a virtual environment for system partition, on which you run applications and surf the internet. All traces and malicious threats will disappear after reboot. You can also save changes to the actual system.

Features of Time Freeze :

Switching between virtual environment and actual system – If you don’t need to use time freeze, you can just switch to actual system without reboot. simply exit the system protection mode and return to actual system

Privacy Protection – Since all operation on your computer is performed on the virtual system, the history records will disappear after your reboot your computer, which can effectively protect your privacy.

Prevents malicious threats on real time

There is a folder protection software inbuilt. It plays a 2 in1 software. Protects threats and also Protects files and folders. You have a folder protection tool where you can lock your folders.

Manage the program with a custom password

Here is a free user guide on HowTo use Time Freeze, read here.

All you need to do is, just head over to the time freeze page, enter your name and email id, they will send you the registration code with download link of the software. So you can copy the link and download the software. Once you have downloaded, enter the registration code which you’ve got in mail. That’s it. Protect your system for free.

Time Freeze supports 32-bit of Windows 7 / XP / Vista / 2000. For 64 bit users, just wait they’re updating soon.

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