Remove All Sidebar Ads From Facebook


You can remove all the sidebar ads from your Facebook account and use Facebook clutter free. Facebook is the biggest social networking site and recently Google has listed Facebook to be the top most visited site among 1000 websites on the web.

When you login Facebook, you can see ads such as event invitations, suggestions and some poker game request etc. Many people are used to it and never mind about the ads, but few people will surely find it irritating sometimes. So If you’re Firefox user, we have a simple script to remove all the sidebar ads and make your Facebook clutter free.

Remove Ads From Facebook Using JavaScript :

You need a Greasemonkey add-on installed to use this script. First if you haven’t installed the Greasemonkey add-on, get it from here. Don’t worry, Greasemonkey add-on lets you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript.

Now you’ve installed the add-on on your Firefox browser, now you need a simple JavaScript to remove all those sidebar ads. Get the Facebook Ads Remover script and install it.

Just go the userscript page, click install button and everything gets over in seconds. Now you can refresh your browser. If you login Facebook, you will not be able to see the sidebar ads.

Facebook Ads RemoverInstall

Hope this simple tip will help you to browse Facebook in a cleaner way. If you find similar kind of add ons for other browsers, do share it with us.

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  1. Steve says:

    Most scripts on the net don’t work anymore or not for all ads on FB. This new, up to date greasemonkey script what will set the visibility of ALL ad blocks on Facebook pages to ‘hidden’.

    That way you browse Facebook completley “ad-free”.


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