Lock Computer Screen using Bluetooth Device


Always locking your computer screen will help you to be secure from accessing confidential files. A simple and old method to lock computer screen is ctrl+alt+del on windows. This is an ancient method to lock computers when you decide to move away from desk.

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Today’s innovative world uses more of technology on each and every aspect which they do. So, trying out an innovative solution to lock your computer screens using a bluetooth enabled device is something awesome. Today we are going to see a little software that will assist you to lock your computer screens using bluetooth device.

Before getting into the topic, let me tell you why we should use this simple tool. As I have already mentioned, trying out the old method ctrl+alt+del, how many of you will remember to lock your computers before you move away from your desk ? So, this little software will help you at times when you’ve forgetten to lock your computers, you can lock it using bluetooth device from certain distance.

BtProx (Bluetooth Proximity Lock Utility) is a small Windows application working both under Windows XP and Vista. It locks your computer screen when you go away from it. Just download it and install it. Once you’ve installed, open the software. Now you need to pair your device (say for example bluetooth enabled mobile device)

If your device is already paired, then open the BTProx software and select the device, set the timeout after which the computer will be locked and click start button. That’s it. now you btprox will be running silently from the tray bar.

The icon of the program turns orange as soon as the device is found. When the device disappears and the icon turns red, few minutes after Windows will be locked. In order to abort locking it, right-click the icon in system tray and choos “Abort workstation lock”

This small 200kb utility adds extra protection to our files. It works perfectly on windows operating systems and its free to download.


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  1. vijay says:

    This is what i am searching for a long time,thanks for sharing it!

  2. WoW now I can make my Bro fool :P

  3. CBee says:

    This BlueTooth Proximity is available on linux since ages (well, known for a while as BlueProximity). I finally found it for msWindows, thanks for that.

    The linux version is a little more sophisticated however: With that it is possible to define a different timeout and ‘distance’ for both locking and unlocking. The distance is actually the BT signal level. And it shows the current level while setting them. A verry nifty feature, also for testing.


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