HowTo Reduce Google Chrome Process Load ?


On default, Google chrome browser is a multiprocess architecture which obviously has heavy virtual memory. If you’re using chrome as your default browser, then you can adjust so that you don’t waste extra memory and CPU time.

Google chrome can run three processing modes. The effective among those is Single process mode. By changing the settings of chrome into a single process mode will help you to reduce the process load.

Now once you have done it, no matter how many tabs you open, the browser will use just one process. lets see how to make it to single process mode.

1. Start Menu > Right Click Chrome > Open Chrome Properties

2. Add the string ‘-single-process’ (without the quotes) to the end of the Target box.

3. If you add the string ‘-process-per-site’ to the Target line, Chrome will open a new process for each tab, but if you open the same site in two tabs, it will run them on the same process.

4. The string ‘-process-per-tab’ will force Chrome to create a completely new process and use a new memory space for each tab, which is its default.

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  1. The virtual memory is always lower than ram, and these applications allocates more :(

  2. harli91 says:

    the single process swich isn’t working for me

  3. monello says:

    the init string doesn’t work guys … Google Chrome creates for each tab a single process by default … all i can say is that Mr.Google Doodle is working to resolve this bug effectively and definitely …peace bro

  4. max says:

    The string should be ‘ –single-process’


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