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Google Chrome, the fastest browser developed by Google. The sleek and smooth design which made love with millions of people around the world. Chrome started as beta, then they introduced designs and themes, then extensions etc. Already we had seen Google Chrome has some amazing and beautiful themes. Before getting into the tutorial of how to create chrome themes, let us see some valuable tips that will help you love chrome much better than before.

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To add visual effects to your Google chrome browser, you can install themes from their preloaded gallery, now you can also create your own Google chrome themes using CRX Theme creator.

CRX Theme Creator is a freeware and doesn’t need any installation. It allows you to create a Google Chrome theme in minutes without much effort.

Just download the CRX theme creator and open it. You can see fields like color, images and some properties etc. You need to fill them out and also you can preview your theme by side. Just fill out the columns and get your theme ready in minutes.

Step by Step Instruction to Create Google Chrome Theme :

1. Download CRX Theme Creator here

2. Open the chrome crx creator, now you can see a preview image on your left side with numbers and right side there are text boxes to fill out. So according to the text boxes, the preview image is numbered.

3. You need to fill up the name of the theme, then choose the background image, color, frame, toolbar, tabs etc.

4. The background image, frame, toolbar and tabs need .png image files. So create your own image using some image editors with the extension .png file.

Helpful – Best Online and Desktop Image Editing Tools

5. Once all the fields are filled out, you can click pack theme and enjoy it.

6. Click View Theme button to preview your theme on Chrome.(You need to close all chrome windows first.)

7. Click Pack Theme button to pack your theme. A file named theme.crx will be create in the same folder as crxtheme.exe.

You have more than 3000 custom themes, you can apply it here and also You can create your own theme with your company’s logo and image to promote your own brand.

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  1. khalid says:

    I liked the way of your writings. Good compilation, Thanx.

  2. Grrrr!

  3. Olegi4 says:

    Most important for me in chrome’s theme — new tab background. Fast and easy way to change it —

  4. VladiSSius says:

    Help me!

    Ive download Chrome and crxTheme, but when i run crx, its says “Sorry, we can not find your Chrome installed” so i cant create n preview themes at all.

    Ive installer Chrome from their official sites and its newest one (dl’ed at 5 September 2010) so can you help me fix the things?

    btw im running it on W7 32bit, and also tried compatibility mode on W7 (also run as admins) and nothing seems help :/

    I really appreciate all kind of help :)

  5. Olegi4 says:

    Try 2 ways:
    1. Drag’n’Drop crx file into Chrome
    2. Or press Ctrl+O in Chrome and choose your theme file

    • VladiSSius says:


      um sorry for last question (mistype crx with crxTheme program)…

      I mean, when i try to run crxTheme (not crx as i mentioned before), it says “Sorry, we can not find your Chrome installed”

      and the question remain same, how can i overcome this? should i edit registry for Chrome? or what :)

      btw thanks for asnwer my question. I really need help here :/

  6. Sunstreak says:

    Yeah, the same thing happened to me, too… I opened crxTheme and it says “can not find chrome installed” so I can’t preview my themes. D:

  7. Jay Pee says:

    same problem i m facing. sumone do give a solution

  8. Jay Pee says:

    some1 come up wid a solution. :)

  9. Clouse Jackson says:

    I was just wondering… does anything else use CRX themes? Microsoft Office or Windows XP, perhaps?

  10. mike says:

    Is there really no solution to this?? Where is google? No support?
    Sounds like it could be a windows 7 issue maybe?

  11. Swarup says:

    Good share.

  12. mike says:

    For those of you who cant get this to work like me because of some bug reporting that it cant detect chrome installed (what the…)
    Open up an existing crx theme, rename to zip, unzip it, edit the images as you need to, edit the manifest file in notepad(++ is better) to edit colours, save, and import via chrome tools>extensions>load unpacked extension.
    If it works, then use pack extension to create the CRX file – you cant just zip it up again and change the zip to crx, it doesnt work.
    And if you stuff it up and try to redo it, chrome wont recognise changes you’ve made unless you RENAME THE DIRECTORY (stupid i know, i learnt the hard way).
    Hope this helps someone.

  13. Amit says:

    Thanks Great info

  14. vverr says:


  15. oDx says:

    Hey I have the chrome theme creator for linux! check it out!

  16. Gon says:

    Finaly I found the thing I needed. Thnx

  17. bobjoe says:

    is there any way to take images from other themes and put them into your theme?

  18. Dixit Panchal says:

    It is very easy way to find out anything to this path thank you so much

  19. Musthafa says:

    Thanks for the Info Srivathsan… all the best!
    here is huge competition in the web browser world… here is an article about Which Web Browser To Use In 2011?

  20. shamanimz says:

    Is there any mirror download..?

  21. Davyd Ford says:

    I don’t think CRX Theme creator exists.
    I can’t find a sensible ‘true’ download link that works.

  22. Trixie says:

    It’s here:

    Sorry, it’s not a downloadable app, it’s on line only.

  23. Chuckieslilbrother says:

    For those searching for a downloadable program of “crxtheme.exe”….

    For the one shown at top,

    Another one, possibly a different version can be found at
    (a little info about “” can be found at

    I haven’t made a theme yet, so not sure if these will work anymore.
    I hope this helps… it took me a day to find these… a very frustrating day at that.
    Don’t know how long the links will be good though.. good luck!

  24. sim says:

    that was just great..thnks for the info and tutorial..


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