5 Ways Making Post Go Viral on Twitter and Facebook


We always knew twitter and facebook are two social media gaints and we get some nice traffic when our post gets viral on facebook or twitter. We should understand one fact that, the links are nofollow on twitter, so its useless in SEO point of view, but we can get a quick hike on traffic and exposure on twitter.

Tweet Tweet !!

Tweet Tweet !!

Both these social gaints, think of them like billboards. Leave the SEO point of view, Twitter won’t help like link-building but like a billboard it will drive traffic to your website/store. So lets see how to make our post go viral on Facebook and twitter.

5 Ways Going Viral on Twitter and Facebook :

If you want to get maximum exposure on social media websites and increase your hit counts, here are the best 5 ways –

1. Catchy Title –

About 60% of the people on twitter, Retweet your tweets first and then read it. So, when you’re title is catchy, obviously it will go viral. Some of our post got viral on twitter and facebook, here are few live examples –

2. Build Friendly Force –

Friendly Discussion

Become a highly interactive person on twitter and facebook, ask your loyal fans and friends to like and comment on your post. So that it gets viral when comments and likes shows up more often on facebook feeds.

3. Make Discussion Generation –

Write your post like it could make some discussion generation among readers. When readers start discussing about the content on your comments, it can turn your post upside down. sometimes it could turn up to be a controversial one. This can make your post go viral on facebook and twitter. check the live example below.

4. Focus on Community Topic –

Focus on current topics and community oriented. For example write about ‘Going Green’ or ‘No tobacco day’ etc. There are many community oriented topics which are trending on twitter like blood donation day, no tobacco day etc. So publish a post on community awareness or collect pictures of ‘No tobacco day’ saying tobacco kills life etc etc. This makes your post go viral on twitter and facebook. People tend to share it with world.

5. Maintain Consistently –

Post regularly, content is your king and when you post consistently, people tend to become your fan. On the long run, each and every post can go viral on social media sites. One of the best example is Mashable, Techcrunch etc.

If you have ideas on how to make post go viral on twitter and facebook, feel free to share your ideas in comments.

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  1. Shiva | Web Magazine says:

    Awesome post bro. I think you mentioned all the tricks needed to make a post viral in Facebook or Twitter. I am glad you mentioned “Involvement”. Being an Interactive person is really needed in Twitter since most of the time nobody will click on your link it the do not know you

  2. This is a real informative post which every blogger should follow especially in the initial days when your blog is new.. It will get you many spectators and following these tips, they may also get converted to loyal readers…. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Awesome post!,

    I’ve had more luck on Facebook than Twitter… Still workin’ on Twitter, I’ll take the tip on board about an interesting line!…


  4. AshleyPearson.Net says:

    I doubt one of my posts will ever go Viral, but damn, these are good tips if any!

  5. Pankaj says:

    I think being community oriented is the most important thing…!


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