Are you Foodie ? Here is a Search Engine For Recipes


For the new age moms out there ! There is a ingredient-based search engine that helps you in cooking. Just put in some ingredients which you have at home and find out what all the new recipes which you can make from it. This search engine will let you to bring some new dishes in your daily food menu.

RecipeChimp is an ingredient-based search engine. All you have to do is enter in some ingredients and it will show you a ton of tasty recipe options. You can further refine your results by adding or removing ingredients to find the right recipe for your next meal.

How could this search engine will help you ? With the limited budget and ingredients, you can try out different dishes which is possible through them.

Example search – Suppose if you want to add garlic, onion and avoid pepper, you can use the operators like ‘+’ ‘-‘ for adding and avoiding the ingredients. It also shows you suggested Ingredients in a seperate box below, if you want to add that, just click it . It will automatically add the ingredients to your search engine.

Once you’ve done, it will show you a set of results from which you can select the recipe and try it out.

You can try Recipe Chimp @

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  1. Interesting Topic, Thanks for the find.

  2. Yes I am a Foodie, I will check out them and ask my mom to prepare them :P

  3. vijay says:

    Interesting and useful tips for hotel owners,and catering professionals…

  4. Chethan says:

    bro, wonderful find

  5. Mathangi says:

    This is what i was searching for! I love cooking and this site would do wonders to me n others who have the passion towards cooking.. thank u for the find!!

  6. Avi Singh says:

    Nice found Srivathsan

  7. Gagan says:

    Man, i m foody and love to eat and hate to cook, so this is definately not for boys
    I think, my mom and grandma will enjoy this. :)


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