Find Out Missing or Stolen Laptop ?


Unfortunately if you lose your laptop or if it gets stolen, then you may never mind about the price and value, but the real horror is our personal information that we’re losing in it. Bearing that in mind, few applications are there to track down your stolen laptop. Today we are going to see one application to recover your laptop from theft.

Before going into the detailed review about the software, let me explain you how prey software works. Prey is a simple light weight open source utility which takes minimal resource from your system.

It works by monitoring a simple url, so url which you specify while installing the prey software. It checks the url at specified interval, if the url exists it will send out the collected data to a specified email account.

It collects all the information like status of the computer, running programs, wifi and network connections, screenshot of desktop etc. If your laptop has an integrated webcam it will send you a picture of the thief.

All these informations are sent to you vial email. To make this work, you need to set up SMTP server. Check How to use Gmail as your SMTP server.

Regarding the URL which you need to specify, it can be anything. You can create a free account on blogger or free hosting service and create a url.

Prey is available for the Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating system. However, if the thief formats the system, then prey cannot work. So normally thieves tend to dig around the stolen laptop, that time is more than enough for prey to show what it is :D

Try Prey @

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  1. vijay says:

    Laptop is a fast growing thing now a days and must essential thing for all of us,timely you revealed this post for all “Laptop lovers” to save their data as well as efforts…

  2. srivatsan says:

    nice post dude .. But what if the theif uses the lappy offline ?? :P

  3. Jitendra says:

    What is the thief formats the laptop or removes the software by any other means?

    • First of all thief should be aware of this software, as i have already mentioned, by the time he seeks for some personal information, the software would work! and next is the thinking for formatting !

      • Jitendra says:

        Hmm! yeah! but that too will work only when the thief goes online…anyways, regardless of what the thief would be doing after stealing the laptop, installing the software is a good choice…thanks for sharing this information

  4. Nandan | TechFlu says:

    Drawback of Prey is that it only works online and chances of the thief to be online immediately is very low.

  5. srivatsan says:

    A good thing that can be implemented for places like USA .. the software must automatically connect to nearest wifi hotspot and sync its activities :) that mi8 be a gr8 solution i guess :)


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