Desktop App that Reminds Google Calender Events


Google calendar is one of the popular service which is used by many around the world. It acts as an event planner, to-do list etc. When ever you mark an event or to-do list on your calendar, you will be informed or notified through mail which you have provided. But we cannot be keeping the email opened all through the day. So, a small desktop app that reminds Google calendar events will be very helpful.

GCal Notifier is a simple .net application that notifies you the upcoming event from your Google calendar. You need a .net framework installed on your PC. If you’re using vista or windows 7, then don’t worry .net framework is already installed. If not, you can get it from here.

You don’t require any installation, it’s a portable application. Just download it and start using it. It is free and it does no wonders, but shows a alerts box for all the event notifications.

GCal Notifier – Download

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