DeadFake : Send Fake Anonymous Emails To Anyone


Just tried this service and impressed. We have already covered similar kind of service for sending anonymous email and playing prank with your friends. Today we have found another free service to send fake email to anyone.

You can put your own From address, To address, Subject and message. Just with in seconds, you can play a prank with whoever you want.

Read :

DeadFake is a simple webservice that lets you to send free fake emails to anyone you like. There’s no signup, no registration, no fuss. You can even send fake emails with rich text; fonts, colours, etc. All you need to do is, just hit the page, put your Fake From email address, Sender’s email address, subject line and your message.

I have tried it and its 100% working. You can check the below screenshot, which I tried to send email from Apple steve jobs account to my own email id. It’s really fun playing around.

There is also a tab called ” Do It Yourself “, it teaches you by displaying a clean tutorial on how to send your own fake email. You can also learn it.

You can check out DeadFake @ . Start playing prank with your friends, boss etc.

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  1. We friends also used to prank with our friends … .email from principal sir etc..
    You can also use PHP to make the fake email program.. .one of my friend also had posted that :
    You can see this tutorial and can upgrade it by attaching WYSIWYG panel.

  2. Sumanth says:

    Every thing is fine but at the bottom of the mail it is showing that this email not real ..It would be helpful to play pranks if that thing is not der..Any way nice service and nice post…

  3. Farukh | Techming says:

    Intresting Post.. but I doesn’t belives it as Our Geo IP can anytimes be located.

  4. vijay says:

    I have checked with one of my friend that he received cash from foreign bank,we have passed our one hour time from this funny way…

  5. sidduz says:

    Great Find GK.
    Checked it with my friend, but he ignored it, since it shows “not real”. But won’t stop it, will try till i succeed :P

  6. Good work dude ,I was looking for this site. Now i got it

  7. mauricio says:

    teste de email anonimo

  8. alex says:

    it is not working anymore

  9. nm says:

    msm anonimoos fala bem man-nozy

  10. says:

    E aí amigo não fala mais com os antigos amigos, entre em contato!


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