7 Must Have Freeware and Their Alternatives


Howdy ! This time, It’s going to be about Freeware. I am a firm believer of free software and I am sure you will like the list below. This list will tell you about must have freewares for your system along with their alternatives. So that you can try the alternative if you don’t like the freeware.

7 Must Have Freewares :

Avira Antivir Personal – Free Antivirus:

I have been using this Antivirus for the past 4 years and I haven’t faced any virus related issues in my PC. The free version is recommended for Basic users and for some advanced users who know what they do online. Avira is better than some paid Antiviruses and it’s definitely worth a try. You can get it here.

ALTERNATIVEMS Security Essentials


IrfanView is a famous Image editing software and has plenty of options to make your day. Though it isn’t as good as Photoshop, It’s pretty good for a Freeware. The UI is easy enough to use for most of the users and I am sure you will like this one. You can get it here.


Google Chrome:

We all know about this one and I don’t think I need to explain much. Chrome is the fastest and the most secure browser in the market. Except for the fact that it doesn’t support some websites, It’s a pretty cool browser to use. The best thing about this browser is that it DOES NOT have toolbars and Extensions are easily available. If you are looking to browse the web without being distracted by anything else, this is the browser to use. You can get it here.


Mozilla Thunderbird:

If you have to use your company’s Website for email communications, this software is just for you. It’s a refreshing email client and is a lot secure than Outlook Express/Windows Mail. It also has a lot of add-ons and can boost your productivity big time. You can get it here.

ALTERNATIVE – Outlook (not a freeware), Incredimail


7 Zip is a file compression software that’s actually FREE. We’ve all been irritated by WinZip’s ‘End of Trial Period’ in our lives and 7-Zip is a powerful alternative to both WinZip and WinRAR, It’s one of the most downloaded Freeware online. You can get it here.

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It’s the best IM software you can ever find. It let’s you use your Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and Google at the same time from the same window, what’s more, It’s completely free and avoids the confusion that arises when you have a separate client for every account. You can get it here.

ALTERNATIVE: Trillian Astra

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I have already mentioned about this in my post on Must have twitter clients. If you love social Networking, then there isn’t a reason not to have TweetDeck. Try it and you will fall in love with it. You can get it here.

ALTERNATIVE: Seesmic Desktop Application

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  1. Are you kidding me? =P
    Firefox is way better than Google Chrome, And Google Chrome is an alternative to Firefox. And Google Chrome has toolbars like, “Bookmarks Toolbar” =/

    Also, GIMP is far better than IrfanView. GIMP is one of the few GNU applications available for Windows.

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

      Well, I agree GIMP is better than IrfanView. But, Chrome is definitely better than Firefox. The only problem with chrome is that it isn’t comfortable with AJAX functions like the one in WordPress when you hit Publish.

      Chrome – Better than Firefox
      Gimp – I agree is better than IrfanView

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

      and Chrome DOESNT have toolbars. http://goo.gl/dpm7

  2. good list buddy , keep it up

  3. Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

    Thank you.

  4. Thanks Gouthaman for the List. Avira is superb no doubt.


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