5 Tweaks To Enhance Browsing Experience on Google Chrome


Google’s Chrome browser is the ultimate speed browser on the web which can turn your browsing experience. You may be an chrome enthusiastic, but sometimes you may not know the little tweaks which can turn your browsing experience more faster and easier which will surely make you fall for Google chrome.

Here are some useful tweaks for Google chrome that will suit your browsing habits.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts :

Use keyboard Shortcuts to save time. You can always use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+B to toggle the Bookmarks bar, Ctrl+T opens a new tab, Ctrl+N opens a new window etc. You can view the entire keyboard shortcuts for Chrome here.

2. Effective Search :

Google the search engine gaint makes it easy for chrome users to search the web by simply typing a term into the address box, or you can search a particular site by entering the domain and then pressing [Tab]

3. Most Visited Sites Thumbnail Preview :

Google chrome offers thumbnail preview of most visited sites. Like opera browser, you can customize your page by setting frequently visited sites as thumbnail view in grid or simple list view. The thumbnail preview is not fixed, so you can drag and arrange according to your needs.

4. Change Look & Feel :

You can also change the look and feel of the browser using themes.
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5. Chrome extensions :

Like Firefox, Chrome supports plug-ins. You can get Google Chrome extensions from the official repository.

Useful 8 Google Chrome Extensions For Web Designers

Some useful addons :

You can also add your own interesting tweaks which you’re using on your Google chrome browser.

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  1. Ajay says:

    All the advantages had in google chrome i too agree with u, but the disadvantage is when so many tabs are opened, when suddenly close button is pressed then, the entire browser will close, it will not ask for the confirmation also.,

  2. seenu says:

    i have one more keyboard shortcut
    Press Ctrl+L to go to address bar location.


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