5 Reasons Why IE Sucks To The Core!


Internet Explorer, the Default Browser of Microsoft’s Windows Systems has tons of Shortcomings and we all know this fact and most of us have switched over to other browsers like Firefox/Chrome/Safari. But, Many of us do not take time to find out what’s exactly wrong with Internet Explorer and what makes talented Web Designers detest this browser.

Lack of Smartness :

Any software is rated by it’s ability to understand the user’s expectations and function accordingly. Internet Explorer is simply not usable and is not smart in any way. The simple screenshot below explains an Illustration of the same.

In the IE Screenshot the Tab with Google Search website is open and therefore the X (close the tab) is displayed against it. But, the tab of another website before that does not display the (X) even when the mouse is hovered on it. This means that it isn’t possible to close a tab while you are concentrating on the other one. You will have to toggle to the other tab in order to close it. Small things like this one makes huge differences. Other Browsers like Safari/Chrome/Firefox display the (X) when the mouse is hovered on it thus easing the process and making your browsing experience memorable.

IE thinks it’s too smart :

Seriously, Internet Explorer thinks it’s too smart and secure by popping up useless notifications before downloading files and running Active X modules. The best part is it displays a Popup saying that a Pop up was blocked. NSS Labs has said that IE is the most secure browser around for more security against socially targeted malware. :D

Lack of Effective Add-ons :

Internet Explorer does not have an Extensive collection of Add-ons like Firefox/Chrome does. Instead it contains an array of Useless commercial Browser toolbars that greatly reduce the stability of any browser. The IE Add-ons Gallery by Microsoft contains some accelerators which are easily achieved with add-ons like FastestFox/FastestChrome. Apple has announced that developers are welcome to make add-ons for their Safari browser. Looks like it’s Microsoft’s turn to wake up.

Fails all Web Standard Tests :

Internet Explorer has failed important Web Standard tests like Acid3, SunSpider, JavaScript Rendering, etc. This makes it a bad choice to be used as a default browser. Till date, Safari is the ONLY browser to have passed the Acid3’s test. Chrome also makes it since it’s built on Webkit like safari.

Non-compliance with Modern Web Standards :

Internet Explorer is not compatible with many modern web standards and with users still using the archaic Internet Explorer 6 without updating , developers feel the heat. But, Internet Explorer 9 has been declared to support all the  modern web standards making it more usable.

I strongly feel that Internet Explorer needs more improvement. Microsoft has got good potential and with software like Office, Security Essentials it has proved the same. I hope they come out with a better IE (version 9) and get back their glory. I am sticking to Chrome/Safari as of now. Do tell us which browser you use in the comments section below.

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  1. Nice post, though I’d rather avoid headings like this!

    #1/ Yes, that’s kind of expected although you can right click and close.

    #2/ Most notifications can be removed by turning off protected mode which is, however, not recommended.

    #3/ Agree. IE7Pro tried hard to do it all, but that’s not possible.

    #4, #5/ Yes. Biggest annoyance with IE.

    Personally one of my bigger problems with IE is the lack of the Ctrl + L shortcut. It’s there, but it does something completely different than what other browsers do.

    P.S. Opera, Chrome, Safari and every a bevy of other webkit browsers fully pass the Acid3 test, while Firefox is pretty close (96 or something with 3.6.3).

  2. Avi Singh says:

    “The best part is it displays a Popup saying that a Pop up was blocked”
    Same thing I was thinking few minutes ago. :)
    Well, I like Google Chrome, and Firefox is too heavy to open.
    The main problem with IE is it hangs my PC that I hate.

  3. Jitendra says:

    Good Information! I use firefox and for me it is the best bet.

  4. I only open IE when checking browser compatibility for websites. I prefer chrome but more interesting add-ons attract me to firefox (even though its very heavy).

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

      Technically, Firefox is better than chrome as it processes functions such as Ajax faster than Chrome. But, In terms of Interface Chrome always wins the bet.

  5. Everyone says IE is not good. Interestingly you are the person who comes with the facts. I personally hate the second point. I feel IE compromises user experience in the name of security.

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:


      IE can just have a notification to convey the message about a pop-up window. Instead, putting up a pop to say that a pop up is blocked is contradiction in terms.

  6. Milli says:

    I’ve made a small jQuery plugin to show IE users for what IE is good for: to download a better browser.


    Download it from Github and use it for free:


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